Any questions?

Here are some of the most common questions from our clients.

How can I contact technical support?

You can contact technical support by opening a ticket through your platform or by emailing If you have purchased telephone or priority support, you can also contact our technical teams by telephone. Please contact us if you would like to activate telephone or priority support.

I’m not able to use the platform. May I receive assistance?

Absolutely. Feel free to consult the manual for tutorials and instructions, including illustrations and videos. Alternatively, you can contact email assistance is always included in all contracts. Please contact us if you would like to activate telephone or priority support. Feel free to request a quote if you wish to evaluate one or more dedicated training sessions at your site.

Can I close my account before the deadline?

Your platform may be canceled at any time up to the last day of the subscription. Even if canceled, the platform will remain active with the possibility of sending until the expiry date as stated on your contract. We cannot grant any refunds for non use.

I had a platform but it expired. Can I reactivate it?

You can reactivate an expired account within 10 days from the date of non-renewal. The platform and all its data will be deleted after this date. It will then be necessary to buy a new platform.

How much time do I have to renew the platform after the expiry date? Can the platform be idle for a while and be reactivated at a later time?

You can renew the platform within 10 days from the deadline. Reactivating it beyond this period will no longer be possible. It is not possible, following the user license agreement, to keep the platform idle for a longer period. All data will be deleted 10 days after the last available day for renewal.

My platform has been blocked or suspended. How can I reactivate it?

By logging in your platform you can check the reason of the block and find out how to remove it quickly. Follow the instructions and contact the relevant department: we’ll be happy to help you overcome any issue.

How can my colleagues and I access the platform simultaneously?

You need to purchase additional administrators to grant simultaneous access to multiple people. You can make the purchase directly from your platform, just select My plan > Order online Additional Administrators.

What happens if you increase the number of addresses you send emails to?

You can upload unlimited recipients to the platform at no additional cost. The only thing that changes is the time needed to complete the sending, which will increase in proportion to the number of your new contacts. For example, if your email addresses double, then the time needed to complete the sending will also double. Please contact us to learn more about sending speed.

I would like to send emails faster. What should I do?

Please contact us to learn how to increase your sending speed.

How long does it take to activate the features I’ve purchased?

Features are activated on the platform upon payment receipt. On the other hand, customized developments require specific timelines that vary according to the situation.

Do I need to activate a separate platform in order to use SMS credits?

No. You can upload credits and send SMS from the same platform you use for email campaigns, without necessarily activating a separate one.You can buy credits directly on your platform. Click on My plan > SMS > Buy: in this section you can view the various purchase options available. Costs and SMS volumes depend on the destination country.

How is the price of SMS messages calculated?

The cost of the SMS channel is based solely on the number of text messages sent. There are no one-time fees or fixed costs, you’ll pay only for what you send. Simply buy SMS credits to start sending. Credits can be bought at any time in the My plan area of your platform. If the platform is used exclusively for sending SMS, the credits are valid for two years. This means that you can use your credits for up to 24 months from the date of purchase. Sending to incorrect or non-existing numbers will affect your credit. On the other hand, if the platform is also used for sending emails, SMS credits will expire together with the email plan.

Where can I find the renewal options for my platform?

You can access the My plan area by clicking on the platform’s right-hand side profile ID. Here, you can manage your profile, billing information, check deadlines, update payment methods, as well as select new options by clicking on Change or the Order online tabs. If you want to know how to make the most out of your platform or you are in need of assistance, please contact us and let us know your needs.

Where can I manage my profile, view invoices, and make new purchases?

Manage your profile directly from the platform under the My plan area. This can be accessed by clicking on the profile identifier in the top right corner. Inside My plan, you can:
  • select and change the platform edition
  • check your old and new invoices (by clicking Billing Billing statements)
  • buy and pay online for extra administrators and SMS credits
  • check the platform expiry date
  • edit your personal and billing information

I cannot access my platform. What should I do?

You can retrieve your username and password by clicking Login from the MailUp homepage. Then select Forgot username? or Forgot password? to receive login recovery instructions by email. If you do not receive the email, please contact

What is my platform ID?

Take the m off the username you use to access your platform (e.g. m1234): that’s your platform ID.
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