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Unlock the expertise of our teams of professionals dedicated to you and your goals. With Marketing Services, you can tap into the best know-how and be supported in all your activities – from strategic planning to campaign production, from KPI analysis to performance improvement.

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Our consulting services

Need help to achieve your goals? Thanks to its twenty-year experience and the professionalism of its expert teams, MailUp guarantees a wide range of consulting services for any type of need.

Onboarding Formazione MailUp

Onboarding training

Discover all the secrets of the platform, acquire new skills and strengthen your marketing strategies.

  • Platform configuration
  • Individual and team training
  • Upgrade paths
  • Integration consulting
Database building MailUp

Database building

Increase the reach of your communications by expanding your database and cultivating contacts.

  • Lead generation
  • Differentiated entry points
  • Auto-profiling campaigns
  • Welcome series
Data analysis e performance MailUp

Data analysis & performance

Learn from your results. Aggregate and interpret data to develop winning campaigns.

  • Database analysis and submissions
  • Identification of metrics and criticalities
  • Report creation
  • Data analysis consulting
Marketing Automation MailUp

Marketing Automation

Automate your email and SMS campaigns to send each customer the right message at the right time.

  • Setting up custom workflows
  • Training and best practices
  • Consulting for automated mailings
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • SMS Marketing Automation
Graphic Design MailUp

Graphic design

Create irresistible email and newsletter designs to attract your contacts’ attention and increase conversions.

  • Email template analysis
  • Design and create email templates
  • BEE editor training
  • Consulting on Design and HTML
Integrazioni multipiattaforma MailUp

Cross-platform integration

Connect MailUp to your systems to create a truly integrated digital ecosystem and deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

  • Bidirectional data synchronization
  • API library
  • Integration consulting
  • Consulting on migration between systems
Brand Shield

MailUp is designed to optimize your sending infrastructure and preserve your brand’s identity and recognition. Brand Shield gives you customized configuration of the platform, the use of your domain on all elements of the message (even those not visible) and the possibility of allocating one or more IPs dedicated exclusively to your submissions.

Brand Shield MailUp

Make sure your messages reach your contacts’ inbox without ending up in spam. With a wide range of advanced configurations and tailored advice, MailUp helps improve recap rates and maximize campaign performance.

Deliverability MailUp

The MailUp Support team is at your complete service to meet your every need and help you achieve your goals. Different assistance modes to choose from, depending on your needs, managed entirely in English.

    Icon Supporto Email MailUp
    Email support

    The perfect service for the simplest needs, with response to your request within 8 hours

    Icon Supporto Telefonico MailUp
    Phone support

    Ideal for those who prefer to talk in person and shorten response time to 4 hours.

    Icon Supporto prioritario MailUp
    Priority support

    For those who want fast and effective priority help, with response time within 2 working hours.

    Icon Supporto custom MailUp
    Custom support

    Personalized assistance adapted to the most specific and complex needs.

Supporto MailUp
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