Create Emails with MailUp's Artificial Intelligence

With MailUp’s AI Assistant, you can create your email texts in just a few clicks, saving time and effort.

Hero crea email con l Intelligenza Artificiale di MailUp

How the MailUp AI Assistant Works

The AI Assistant, based on ChatGPT, is integrated into MailUp’s drag-and-drop editor. You can generate and apply texts directly in the email you are creating by simply selecting and dragging the generated text.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for email

    creazione email piu rapida

    Faster email creation

    With the advanced technology of the AI Assistant, you can generate text in seconds, significantly speeding up the ideation and writing process.

    testi di qualita MailUp

    Quality, ready-made texts

    MailUp’s AI generates well-structured texts tailored to your needs, ready to be included in your emails with a single click

    infiniti testi

    One Tool for Infinite Texts

    You have everything in a single tool: create the email and generate text using the drag-and-drop editor. You can also unlock infinite tokens for unlimited interaction with the AI.

I vantaggi dell Intelligenza Artificiale per le email MailUp
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How to write effective prompts and create emails with MailUp’s AI

Unlimited Artificial Intelligence, for your unlimited emails!

Now you have more than just unlimited emails and contacts: with MailUp, AI is also unlimited. You can decide to unlock infinite tokens (characters used to talk with the AI Assistant) and go beyond the daily number provided for free.

Intelligenza Artificiale senza limiti come le tue email MailUp
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable AI Assistant in my platform?

First, you must agree to the AI Assistant terms of use in the main platform dashboard (if you have not yet agreed to them, you will see a pop-up prompting you to do so). Next, go to the drag-and-drop editor for creating your email. When you select text content (title, paragraph, bulleted list, Call to Action) you will see the Write with AIbutton. Click on it and start typing in your requests.

Where can I find the AI Assistant?

You’ll find it in your platform's drag-and-drop editor, in the Starter, Plus, Premium and Enterprise editions (not the free trial version). To display it, you must always enter and select text-type content in your email.

How can I unlock the unlimited tokens?

If you are already a MailUp customer and have already agreed to the additional terms of use for the AI Assistant, you can unlock unlimited tokens at this link on the MailUp e-commerce web site. Unlocking unlimited tokens means going beyond the limited number of tokens available daily, so you can generate endless unlimited texts at a fixed monthly cost.

How many tokens do I have available for free?

The number of tokens available for free each day varies depending on the edition you have under your contract:
  • Starter Edition: 1000
  • Plus Edition: 4000
  • Premium Edition: 2 million
  • Enterprise Edition: unlimited by default
  You can view the number of tokens used and remaining in the dialog box with the AI Assistant, at the bottom left.

Is the AI Assistant available in the trial version?

No, the AI Assistant is only available in the subscription versions of MailUp.

How can I quickly improve the response offered by the AI Assistant?

In the AI Assistant menu, you can translate, shorten and change the tone of voice of your text.
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