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Here are some of the most common questions from our clients.

How does MailUp protect its customers’ personal data?

For more information, please visit our GDPR information hub available at and

Where are MailUp’s servers located?

For more information, please visit our GDPR information hub available at and

MailUp looks like the perfect solution to help me comply with the requirements of the current privacy legislation, but I need support.

If you have specific technical questions on how to take advantage of the GDPR-related tools provided by MailUp, such as:
  • (Re) Registration with confirmation
  • Self-profiling campaigns
  • Preference Center
Please contact our Technical Support by emailing or by opening a ticket directly from your MailUp platform. If you need legal support, we regret to inform you that we do not provide legal advice on how to ensure the correct fulfillment of the Data Contoller’s obligations regarding the data uploaded to the platform. If you need this information, we advise you to contact a legal advisor of your choice.

Do MailUp and its platform comply with current privacy regulations?

Sure! The MailUp platform and its infrastructure are fully compliant with the provisions of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR). If you want more information, including the location of the MailUp servers and the technical and organizational measures implemented for the protection of personal data, you can find all the answers in the GDPR information hub available at

I want to know if MailUp acts as Data Controller or Data Processor.

MailUp acts as Data Controller when it processes the data of its employees, consultants or suppliers, or of users who fill out forms or subscribe to our newsletters via the websites MailUp acts, instead, as Data Processor when it treats personal data (email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and data generated by the use of the MailUp platform) necessary to perform our job and send out our customers’ campaigns.

I received an email sent via a MailUp platform and I want to exercise my rights or I want to report a treatment that does not comply with the European Regulation.

In order to facilitate you, we point out that MailUp is a technology company that has developed a software as a service service called Mailup Platform that, in a nutshell, offers companies functions and tools for creating and sending content via email or SMS. As part of the provision of the service, MailUp can act both as Data Controller and as Data Processor. MailUp acts as a Data Controller when processing the data of its consultants and suppliers, or users who fill out forms or subscribe to our newsletters through the website MailUp acts as Data Processor when processing personal data (message content, email addresses, phone numbers) necessary for the sending of messages by our customers. If you have received communications sent through our Platform, we kindly ask you to verify and confirm whether the sender of the communication is attributable to the, or domains. In this case, we confirm that MailUp is processing your data as a Data Controller and we kindly ask you to respond to this email, confirming the above verification and the right you intend to exercise. Otherwise, MailUp is processing your data as Data Processor. Therefore, to exercise your privacy rights, we suggest to contact such customers, writing directly to the sender email address of the received email.

I am already a MailUp customer and want to appoint MailUp as data processor.

In order to facilitate negotiations with our customers by ensuring compliance with privacy regulation, our Data Processing Agreement (pursuant to art.28 of the GDPR) is contained in Section 2.3 of our license agreement, as possibly supplemented by the Data Processing Agreement sent to your administrative contact as specified on the platform. To review the signed license agreement, please follow the instructions in our guide.
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