When providing the service, MailUp may act both as Data Controller and as Data Processor. More specifically, MailUp acts as Data Controller when it processes its advisors and suppliers’ data, or those of users filling in forms or subscribing to newsletters via the website www.mailup.com. Instead, MailUp acts as the Data Processor when it processes the personal data (message contents, e-mail addresses, phone numbers) required by our customers to send messages. When MailUp acts as a Data Controller, personal data may be shared outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Your Personal Data are processed by these recipients in compliance with applicable law and by applying appropriate safeguards, such as adequacy decisions, Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission or other safeguards considered adequate as set out in our privacy policy. When MailUp acts as Data Processor in the provision of our software – depending on the type and layout of the service purchased, which we invite you to verify by referring to the specific DPA executed with us – we use the following sub-processors: • Amazon Sarl, for the provision of support network services and storage of images uploaded by customers, including CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Web proxy services. We represent that personal data processed by this sub-processor will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area. • SMS aggregators, for the provision of the SMS traffic routing service to telephone operators. Depending on the location of the recipient of the text messages sent by our customers, we may use SMS aggregators located within the EEA and/or the UK (which, as is known, is the subject of an adequacy decision).