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Valentina Pacitti
24 May 2022
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Email Marketing Automation: a comparison of the best tools

According to statistics, automated emails generate 343 orders for every 1,000 promotional emails sent, compared to 72 for a standard email marketing campaign (source). Yet marketers don’t use Email Marketing Automation as much as they should: automated messages represent, in fact, only 2.2% of email submissions. Learn more about this approach and the tools that let you automate your campaigns.

If you do email marketing, you definitely spend a large part of your day on email campaigns, often performing repetitive tasks that don’t bring real value to your mailings. There is a way to bypass these processes, without harming the results of your emails, and actually improving their performance.

It’s called Email Marketing Automation. With the right tools, you can take advantage of Marketing Automation to automate your promotional emails (and not only!), freeing your marketers from performing the same tasks for every single contact on the mailing list.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how to choose an Email Marketing Automation tool.

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What is Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation is a strategy that allows you to send targeted email campaigns to all contacts in your database based on user characteristics, online behavior and where the conversion funnel is located.

The tools of Email Marketing Automation allow you to create workflows or automatic sequences activated based on strategic triggers (for example: a user subscribes to the newsletter, a customer abandons a cart before checkout, etc…) to send users hyper-targeted emails that stimulate them to continue their customer journey.

The great advantage for companies that use Email Marketing Automation platforms is that they can segment all database contacts into groups with similar features or needs to customize their conversion and retention strategies.

The personalized approach to marketing is already widely recognized as the most effective, not only in the short- but also the long term because it ensures customer fidelity.

Imagine being able to go to every contact on your mailing list in a personalized way without having to carry out individual actions but only defining once the workflow that activates your emails: Email Marketing Automation tools do just that.

The Advantages of Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation is an optimal solution because it allows marketers to send hundreds of emails with a single automatic action, instead of working individually on each lead.

The benefits of this technology are obvious:

  • considerable time saved for your company’s email marketing specialists, who can dedicate themselves to more strategic activities;
  • greater speed and email accuracy, thus increasing user satisfaction;
  • more chances for conversion, thanks to customization strategy.

How to choose the right Email Marketing Automation tool

There are hundreds of Marketing Automation solutions on the market that are perfect for email marketing. You need to know how to choose the right one for your company.

Before going through all the available options and try the various programs, take some time to define:

  • your company’s real needs: do you want to set up simple or advanced communication sequences? For some companies creating a workflow of the sort “one person subscribes to the newsletter → downloads a resource → end” is more than enough, but not for others;
  • your marketing goals and the performance (open rates and clicks) you want to achieve through the automation of your email campaigns;
  • do you want to automate Email Marketing only or do you want to extend this approach to other channels?
  • Do you need to activate extra features: build landing pages, run A/B tests, create dynamic content, etc…?
  • Are you interested in integrating other platforms (e.g., e-commerce, social media or your CRM) to converge valuable data in the Email Marketing Automation tool?
  • What budget do you want to (and can you) invest?

Once you clarify these main points, you can start skimming based on complexity, functionality, integrations and price of tools.

But now, let’s look at some of the best, most popular Email Marketing Automation tools to see what they offer.

Email Marketing Automation: comparing tools

To save you time, we’ve selected some of the most trusted Email Marketing Automation tools in the industry. That will give you an idea of what the market offers in terms of functionality.

Learn more about the solutions that best suit your needs and request the trial platforms that interest you to test the tool with your team.

MailUp: one platform, a world of opportunities

If you’re interested in managing emails, SMS and notifications from a single platform simply and effectively, MailUp is the solution for you. Its interface is user-friendly and its features are very attractive:

  • filters allow to segment the database in a precise and strategic way,
  • you can set dynamic content,
  • automatic multichannel e-mails and sms are available,
  • you can consult advanced sending statistics (openings and clicks of each recipient, geographical and device reports).

For an in-depth look, visit this page.

Email Automation: Do you really need it?

Marketing Automation allows you to automate your email campaigns by sending the correct message to every contact in your database. 

In addition to its extreme precision, this technology allows you to optimize the execution time of each campaign because it takes care of everything, from the segmentation of contacts to sending emails.

Email Marketing Automation is also the perfect way to make the most of all the leads collected over time, nurture and retain them thanks to a personalized communication, which will be perceived of great value by users.

For all these reasons, an Email Marketing Automation tool can help you improve your email campaigns results, but you must carefully evaluate the options available and choose the platform that best suits your possibilities and your company’s real needs.

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you can start with a simple tool with low rates and basic integrations. With time, you will be able to scale the solution you have chosen or change platform in favor of a tool more suited to your new needs.

In case you are approaching Email Marketing Automation for the first time, I recommend that you turn to tools with a simple and intuitive interface, which allow you to create campaigns and verify their results in a few steps.

Consider it an important plus to be supported by the platform’s expert team.

MailUp offers you all this and might be just the option for you.

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