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After many years, email maintains its position as the digital channel with the highest ROI. Here you'll find everything, absolutely everything you need to know about Email Marketing, from design to personalization, from automation to performance analysis.
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    01_Copertina Blog BlackFriday_V3 1 768x432 1
    9 November 2022
    Reading time: 4 min.
    10 tips to push your Black Friday emails beyond the usual design

    Black backgrounds, countdowns and GIFs… you’ve tried everything for your Black Friday campaigns and, let’s face it, this year you have to come...

    post_cover 39
    29 October 2019
    Reading time: 7 min.
    10 Ways to Get Better Email Engagement

    If you are using the marketing potential of email, you probably noticed that emails are never equally effective. One message...

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    20 February 2024
    Reading time: 3 min.
    How to Measure Engagement in Email Marketing

    We are aware that sales hinge on appreciation, trust, and a strong brand-consumer relationship, nothing new there. What’s more challengi...

    3 November 2023
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Mailing lists and Segment lists: what they are, how to create them, and the differences

    Among the ten commandments for building...

    17 October 2023
    Reading time: 1 min
    How to use Artificial Intelligence to create an email: MailUp’s AI Assistant and the infographic that teaches you to use it

    Artificial Intelligence is the most popular tool around right now, even for Email Marketing. But to use it truly effectively, you need to...

    17 October 2023
    Reading time: 4 min.
    MailUp gets a makeover: discover what’s new this fall to maximize your productivity!

    Fall, for every marketer, has always been synonymous with preparing for the key sales anniversaries, namely Black Friday, Cyb...

    22 August 2023
    Reading time: 3 min.
    MailUp news: all the new functions you can find in your platform for this summer

    Coming up at the end of August, a new interface for managing all your email and SMS contacts on a single page, all together a...

    13 June 2023
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Email Marketing Calendar 2023/24: the new MailUp template to plan your strategy

    A +15% increase in average open rates for 2022/23 compared to 2020, and an unsubscribe rate that has dropped from 0.7...

    30 January 2023
    Reading time: 4 min.
    MailUp Partner Programs: how they work and reasons to join the Community

    We often talk about the effectiveness of the MailUp platform’s functionality, ease of use to create and send messages and advanced marketing t...

    15 December 2022
    Reading time: 4 min.
    A year with MailUp: Email Marketing statistics, news and trends of 2022

    As is our year-end custom, let’s rewind and take a look at the the highlights and report on the statistics and trends of this 2022.


    2 December 2022
    Reading time: 4 min.
    Black Friday 2022: Email Marketing Statistics vs. 2021

    Less quantity but more quality: this is the first insight that emerges from our study of 2022 Black Friday-themed email campaigns...