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After many years, email maintains its position as the digital channel with the highest ROI. Here you'll find everything, absolutely everything you need to know about Email Marketing, from design to personalization, from automation to performance analysis.
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    01_Copertina Blog BlackFriday_V3 1 768x432 1
    9 November 2022
    Reading time: 4 min.
    10 tips to push your Black Friday emails beyond the usual design

    Black backgrounds, countdowns and GIFs… you’ve tried everything for your Black Friday campaigns and, let’s face it, this year you have to come...

    post_cover 39
    29 October 2019
    Reading time: 7 min.
    10 Ways to Get Better Email Engagement

    If you are using the marketing potential of email, you probably noticed that emails are never equally effective. One message...

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    12 December 2021
    Reading time: 5 min.
    11 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know For Better Conversation

    Marketing channels come and go, but email campaigns keep the reputation of the most popular tool for busines...

    18 November 2021
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Christmas 2021: how to set up a post-COVID Email Marketing campaign

    quarter of the annual e-commerce demand happens during Christmas time. But what’s to expect from Christmas 2021? We’ve (almos...

    5 November 2021
    Reading time: 6 min.
    The Power of SMS in Marketing: Does it Still Work?

    What’s more, Apple was turning a higher profit off the app store than it ever had, and the Android ecosystem...

    22 October 2021
    Reading time: 4 min.
    Halloween awards: get inspired by the 6 best campaigns!

    Email and Halloween have great combo potential. We all know about email’s resourcefulness, however, many com...

    21 October 2021
    Reading time: 4 min.
    Above the fold: Email Marketing best practices to be debunked or a timeless rule?

    We have kept the focus of key message content in the above-the-fold part for years in our ...

    12 October 2021
    Reading time: 4 min.
    Black Friday: all the stats and trends to know for 2021

    The summer holidays and heat have given way to full work and school schedules, while hints of fall are already in the air. Some stores have ev...

    1 October 2021
    Reading time: 6 min.
    6 Means By Which Email Marketing Can Boost SEO Results

    It is first relevant to think about how Email Marketing can even impact upon SEO results. Quite simply, emai...

    28 September 2021
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Email Segmentation 101 for eCommerce: tools and methods you should use

    With internet access and penetration increasing every passing day, the number of digital buyers continues to register a constant and rather me...

    23 September 2021
    Reading time: 4 min.
    How to create a successful newsletter: expert secrets

    How do you make a successful newsletter?

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