Marketing Automation

Doing Marketing Automation means being able to reach the right recipient at the right time with relevant, high-converting messages. It's a strategic choice that's now essential for any marketer.
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    24 May 2022
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Email Marketing Automation: a comparison of the best tools

    If you do email marketing, you definitely spend a large part of your day on email campaigns, often performing repetitive tasks that do...

    21 April 2022
    Reading time: 4 min.
    How to Use Marketing Automation to Grow Your E-commerce

    When we talk about Market...

    20 April 2022
    Reading time: 6 min.
    What is a Customer Data Platform (and how does it work)?

    The most advanced marketing strategies employ customer data to create high-performing personalized user experiences. Today, m...

    17 January 2022
    Reading time: 6 min.
    Marketing Automation strategies for your campaign

    What is Marketing Automation? The definition of Marketing Automation could be as follows:


    21 April 2020
    Reading time: 6 min.
    How Marketing Automation Helps Improve the Customer Journey

    The relationship between company and consumer is based on many different interactions which take place in as many poi...

    14 April 2020
    Reading time: 4 min.
    Marketing Automation: five common misconceptions

    Marketing automation is still just a notion for many companies. They all want to implement it at some time in the future, but those who ...

    6 July 2017
    Reading time: 8 min
    Marketing Automation: What It Is And How To Use It

    Within a marketing landscape that’s increasingly oriented towards having multiple channels and customized communications, ...

    22 June 2016
    Reading time: 5 min
    Power to email automation: please welcome the new MailUp workflows

    This was underlined by the...