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Paola Bergamini
30 January 2023
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MailUp Partner Programs: how they work and reasons to join the Community

Becoming an official MailUp partner means relaying on the reputation and reliability of Italy’s leading Email Marketing platform. By reselling MailUp or simply reporting it to your contacts, you can earn money from your own digital activities. In this article, we’ll tell you how.

We often talk about the effectiveness of the MailUp platform’s functionality, ease of use to create and send messages and advanced marketing tools to ensure the success of email and SMS campaigns (automation, segmentation, customization).

But maybe you don’t know that besides the possibility of setting up effective marketing strategies via email and SMS, MailUp also offers the opportunity to earn thanks to its sending platform reliability and reputation as an Email Marketing leader in Italy.

This is in fact the goal of the two Partner Programs –  the Reseller Program and the Referral Program – that MailUp has created. Two different partnership formulas, to adapt to the needs of those wanting to increase revenues by recommending or reselling the platform.

What are the advantages of being a MailUp Reseller? In addition to offering constant and effective support, MailUp’s advantage is the simplicity of its interface, thanks to which our customers have full autonomy in managing their campaigns.”

Luca Colombo, NewVisibility Co-founder, Web Developer and MailUp Reseller

Let’s take a detailed look at how these programs work, who they are addressed to and, above all, their advantages:

  • Reseller Program
  • Referral Program
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Why become a MailUp Partner?

Economic advantage is certainly the first factor that has convinced over 200 professionals (including consultants, marketers, trade associations, agencies, developers and digital influencers) to join our Partner Programs

But of course there are many more reasons why our partners join the Community: MailUp is an all-Italian business, with twenty years of experience on the market, constantly expanding in over 50 countries. Its email and SMS platform is recognized as one of the most important international companies, with high ratings (4.5 out of 5) in major portals such as Trustpilot and Capterra.

Being an official MailUp partner means entrusting the growth of your business to a safe and guaranteed entity.

But it also means simplifying your contacts’ work, thanks to the reliability and performance of a tool such as the MailUp platform.

In addition, it means constant support: teams of professionals, exclusively dedicated to giving each individual partner support and advice, work with our Partner Programs.

Finally, it means training and growing: expanding your audience, deepening your skills, participating in dedicated events, building initiatives and projects together.

Reseller program: what it is and how it works

The Reseller Program is based on our partners’ resale of the MailUp platform and earning a commission (kickback fee) that amounts to up to 60%, depending on the number of your customers and the value of their purchases.

The Reseller Program is a scalable path: the more customers you acquire (or renew), the more you increase your earnings and unlock new benefits

Here’s an example: a web agency, one of our MailUp resellers, sells an average of 4 platforms per month, 70% of which are platforms of customers who have purchased the MailUp Plus edition and 30% the Starter edition. And our partners’ average income630 euros a month.

By joining the Reseller Program you’ll become a certified MailUp reseller and can independently manage all the sales phases of the platform, from consulting to purchase. Naturally, you’ll always have the support of our dedicated experts.

Who it’s for

Anyone can become a MailUp Reseller, even if they are already a Referral Program partner. However, a profile of our ideal partner would look something like this:

  • You deal with marketing and digital communications
  • You interact with big businesses, SMEs and companies that want to optimize their digital channels
  • You’re a MailUp customer and are well-informed about the platform tools (or want to start by using MailUp reselling training materials)


  • Make your business grow
  • Find new customers and get financial rewards (and more)
  • Help your customers work better with MailUp
  • Simultaneously, you’ll raise your own income through your partnership
  • You’ll already have all the material you need to resell MailUp. No need to invent anything!
reseller advantages

How to join the community

Go to the program page and fill out the form or, alternatively, contact us at partner@mailup.com. Our team will be in touch to help you become a Partner.

Referral Program: what it is and how it works

Let your contacts know about MailUp and get a commission for each new client suggestion: this is the MailUp Referral Program.

Let’s look at an example: A digital influencer recommends the use of MailUp in their newsletter. Thanks to this, one of their contacts becomes a MailUp customer and activates an annual subscription of the platform’s Premium edition. The total profit for this one client? 500 euros or 20% of the value of the original subscription.

We have a special promotion underway. Become a Referral Partner and bring at least three leads: the commission goes up to 30% on every subscription activated. Become a Partner now in just three easy steps!

The goal of the Referral Program is, in fact, to help partners earn quickly and easily, without having to take on the platform’s sales activities.

So, all a Referral Partner has to do to get their commissions is promote the platform. MailUp will take care of the rest.

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Who it’s for

Agencies, content creators from the digital world, professional associations, consultants and influencers of Digital Marketing: anyone who has web channels or carries out consulting in the digital field can become a Referral Partner and start earning in a few minutes.


  • Make your business grow
  • Fast earnings, without burdening you with resale activities
  • Simplify your contacts’ work
  • Make your own operations more effective (collaborate with us to create events, training courses and useful content for your contacts)
  • You’ll have MailUp support for all your events and projects
partner advntages 1024x233 1

How to recommend MailUp

Recommending MailUp to your contacts and accessing the commission is very simple. Depending on your type of activity, you can mention MailUp while consulting, mention the platform on your blog or newsletter (creating an ad hoc article or adding a banner), create content for your social media or recommend MailUp during your events or new ones you can create with our help (workshops, webinars, physical events).

To do all this, MailUp provides you with a personal dashboard where you’ll find everything you need to carry out and manage partner activities:

  • The link with the tracking code to include in your channel contents. That lets us know how many contacts you indicate to pay out your commission.
  • A Partner Kit with all the tools you need (badges, images for social media, banner for the newsletter, landing page etc.) to promote MailUp
  • Training material to learn about MailUp and its platform
  • Statistical reports to track your earnings

How to join the community

To become a Referral Partner, go to this link, click on “Become Partner” and fill out the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join both partner programs?

Sure! There’s no problem with joining both programs.

How do I access the material that helps me recommend MailUp?

As a Referral Partner, you’ll have your own dashboard with banners, social media posts, landing pages and other material ready to be added to your web channels along with the link in order to track the contacts you signal.

Is there a limit to the amount you can earn as a Partner?

None whatsoever. Whether you’re a Reseller or Referral Partner, there’s no limit in the number of customers you can acquire or contacts you can submit. Which means there’s no limit to your earning potential.

Is there a registration fee to become a MailUp Partner?

No registration fee is required for those joining the Partner Community.

Is there a Partner certification?

Yes. You can display a badge certifying you as an official MailUp partner in all your channels or website.

Any other questions?

Contact us at partner@mailup.com

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