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Paola Bergamini
22 August 2023
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MailUp news: all the new functions you can find in your platform for this summer

Yes, we know: August is the month when marketers take a well-deserved break. But before you go off on your holidays, here’s a recap of all the new developments and functions we’ve launched this summer

Unified contact management

Coming up at the end of August, a new interface for managing all your email and SMS contacts on a single page, all together and faster.

The new function allows you to access information on your contacts, such as registration status, telephone number and email address, from a single access point, easier, better and faster.

This means you can check whether contacts are present in your list of email or SMS contacts, change their registration status, and access information on them, all from the same place.

Where to find the function and how to use it

Just go to the Recipients section of the menu and click on All.

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You can now use the search tool to browse your entire database of contacts, or view a list of contacts with information on their registration status, telephone number, registration date, etc.

Benefits of the function

Accessing data in your database and managing your contacts is now much more intuitive, easier and faster.

Activate now the free trial to discover MailUp's potential.

From developing integrations to strategic support, from creating creative concepts to optimizing results.

Do not disturb times

Ever send out an email at one in the morning, or on a holiday?

If you’re an experienced marketer, you’ll probably have made this mistake (or risked making it).

With MailUp’s new Do Not Disturb times, already available on the platform, you will never make this mistake again… however hard you try!

By setting do not disturb times, you can make sure your messages are not sent to recipients at undesired times, for example in the middle of the night, or on the weekend in the case of B2B messages. This function ensures that you don’t send messages at times of day when your audience is less active and less likely to interact with your campaigns, for more precise, effective planning of email campaigns.

Do not disturb times make email campaign planning foolproof!

Where to find the function and how to use it

During the planning and sending of a message, click on Do not disturb times to activate the function.

Click on Enable do not disturb times:

do not disturb feature 1024x575 1

Then set the time range in which you want to make sure your audience doesn’t get any messages from you.

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That’s it: you can now send your message with confidence!

Benefits of the function

  • makes sure you don’t send emails at certain times
  • permits foolproof email scheduling
  • makes sure you don’t send emails at times when your audience is less active, optimizing engagement.

MailUp CDP

The new MailUp Customer Data Platform is atool allowing you to collect and manage data on your customers at a single point, create accurate dynamic targets with advanced segmentation functions and activate multichannel automated marketing campaigns using Marketing Automation.

Influence your customers’ purchases on the basis of their data, whether digital or not. Win them over with hyper-customized multichannel campaigns. Make your digital strategies more effective and increase your revenues. All with a single tool.

Where to find it and how you can use it

You can request information and activate the MailUp CDP by filling in the form at this link.

Here’s what you can do with the MailUp CDP:

  • Collect, integrate and manage all the information on your customers in a single place
  • Set accurate segmentation and automation functions based on browsing and purchasing data
  • Maximize customer interaction with relevant content and targeted campaigns
  • Draw on our team’s twenty years of experience to realize your full potential

Email Marketing Calendar when you come back to work in September

new ebook is now online: the Email Marketing 2023/2024 calendar for planning your email campaigns when you get back to work in September.

Month by month, it shows you details of the principal holidays and events from September through to next August, so you can be aware of and make use of strategic dates and send out email campaigns with a high conversion potential. For every campaign, you’ll find inspiration for your email subjects, target, and type of message for your email or sending (newsletter, DEM, re-engagement or recall email, etc.).

A ready-made calendar, including an excel template to use for your own planning: here is the link to download it for free!

Coming soon: AI Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is about to be launched in the MailUp platform: prepare to enjoy a completely new quick, hyper-intuitive email creation experience with our AI assistant.

Our AI assistant, linked with Chat GPT technology, will help you quickly generate high quality text, whatever kind of email you wish to send, for whatever reason. And that’s not all: you can ask the AI assistant to correct, change the tone of voice, translate or transform into active form the text that you have generated.

The function will become available in the next few months, so stay tuned!

What’s next

We have lots of new developments planned for you when you return from your summer holidays: webinars, events, special promotions and new features to improve your user experience with MailUp, or convince you to take a free trial of the platform (if you haven’t done it yet!).

Enjoy your summer holidays!

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