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Paola Bergamini
17 October 2023
Reading time: 4 min.

MailUp gets a makeover: discover what’s new this fall to maximize your productivity!

This fall, MailUp is introducing new features to boost your productivity and performance, right around the key sales months. Learn about the unified contact management, the Deliverability Index and other new features this season.

Fall, for every marketer, has always been synonymous with preparing for the key sales anniversaries, namely Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Today we reveal how you can tackle these crucial dates and win the competition without investing hours and hours of time creating the perfect email and receiving disappointing results.

MailUp’s fall innovations are designed to do just that: help you simplify the creation of your email campaigns and management of your contacts while increasing performance and return on investment.

Find out what it’s all about in this post!

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Artificial intelligence arrives: MailUp’s AI Assistant

Based on ChatGPT, MailUp’s new AI Assistant is the key tool if you are running out of ideas for yet another Black Friday and want to speed up the creation of your email campaigns without sacrificing quality.

Not only will you be able to say goodbye to writer’s block, but you will have a valuable ally in creating engaging content that catches the eye in the sea of promotional emails that users receive on these occasions.

How Artificial Intelligence is Used

Before you understand how to use MailUp’s AI Assistant, you need to learn the language of Artificial Intelligence, that is, learn how to write your requests and initiate a dialogue to get the output you have in mind.

Using AI can be complicated if you don’t know how to do it, especially if you want to get the best out of it. In information technology, the principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (GIGO)applies, according to which the quality of the output returned by an artificial intelligence depends on the quality of the input. Therefore, we have created an infographic with tips and tricks for using learn to write prompts, so-called requests, effectively and specifically.

How to use MailUp’s AI Assistant

During the hectic stages of campaign preparation, the AI Assistant makes your life easier. And its use is extremely intuitive! Create your email with the platform’s drag-and-drop editor, select the content block, click “Write with AI,” and let the AI suggest content optimized for your special offers.

You can use the AI Assistant when creating an email in drag-and-drop editor mode with the following content blocks:

  • Paragraph
  • Title:
  • Button
  • Lists

You can then ask the AI Assistant for a hand in creating and optimizing the email, using commands such as:

“Write the body text of a promotional email with {your subject line}.”

“Compose a message to interact with recipients and start a conversation on a trending topic in {your industry}.”

“Write a recall email to re-engage inactive users and encourage them to {your goal}.”

“Generate an invitation for a webinar on {your topic}.”

Depending on the type of content you are working on, you will have ready-made, referenceable examples for creating messages, call-to-actions, headlines or lists.

And it doesn’t end there: thanks to advanced options, the Assistant can also:

  • correct errors
  • translate the text
  • vary the style
  • change tone of voice
  • summarize a text

After the Assistant has provided a response, if you like what you see, just press “Apply” and the content will be added to the email being processed.

What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for email

With AI Assistant, you will always be one step ahead. Whether you are preparing a Cyber Monday flash offer or a special Christmas campaign, Artificial Intelligence will give you the competitive edge you need. This is because the benefits and uses you can derive from it are a real plus for the brainstorming, creation and optimization stages of an email campaign.

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • have you suggest ideas and topics for your email campaigns
  • compose a full email
  • have theinspiration for the object and the CTA
  • create two versions of emails to do A/B testing
  • revise a ready-made emailtext
  • edit the tone of voice of an email
  • synthesize the text of an email message

Enhanced contact management: for a seasonal peak-proof strategy

In the rush of the fall and Christmas season, managing your contacts efficiently is critical. That’s why we’ve been working on a new in-platform interfaceto have everything at your fingertips, ready for your targeted segmentation strategies.

Enhanced contact management to view, add, search and edit all your contact information, in one interface, .

How to use

Just go to the Recipients section of the menu and click on All.

You can now use the search tool to browse your entire database of contacts, or view a list of contacts with information on their registration status, telephone number, registration date, etc.

What have we improved and what are the benefits

  • Executiontime of contact searches reduced by more than 75%
  • Perform combined searches even for the same search item (e.g., Filters)
  • All fields in a recipient’s master sheet can now take advantage of a conditional search that allows a search element to be specified for one or more master fields (by applying conditions such as “begins/ends with,” “contains/does not contain,” “is exactly equal/different to,” “greater than/equal to/less than,” etc.)
  • Advanced column configurator, allowing unlimited addition of columns and selection of additional information to master data
  • Editing a recipient’s master file, now possible within the search page, thus preserving both the parameters and the result of a search performed
  • Addition/removal to a target and TEST group

With all these improvements, you will be able to speed up your email and SMS contact management operations further simplify your Email Marketing activities , and increase productivity during a sensitive and hectic time like Black November

Deliverability Index: the indicator for getting to the inbox and reducing the risk of ending up in Spam

What it consists of

The Deliverability Index becomes your guardian angel for the Black November holidays and recurrences: this is because it allows you to understand whether your emails actually make it to the inbox, at a time when the risk of ending up in Spam is greatly increased.

And ensuring that your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes is critical, especially when competition is fierce.

Based on a unique and proprietary algorithm, the Deliverability Index not only tells you if there are any Deliverability issues in real time, directly from the platform’s main menu. It also tells you what corrective actions and interventions you can do to improve your delivery problems and reputation, functioning as a true problem solver!

H3: How to use

The Deliverability Index will be visible directly from the side navigation menu and will then also be accessible on pages in your platform where at least one issue affecting the score has been identified .

Why Deliverability is important for your productivity

During times like Black Friday or Christmas, where every email counts, ensuring optimal deliverability can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short of its goals. The reason is simple: if an email does not reach the recipient’s inbox, all the effort you put into devising it will be useless, even if your offers are cheaper and more interesting than those of your competitors!

Not only that, an email that reaches the recipient and “gets the message across” means an extra chance of conversion and purchase, thus a higher probability of revenue.

And the Deliverability Index does just that: it shows you how you can improve the odds of getting into your contacts’ inboxes without ending up in Spam!

To ensure that your emails get to the recipient, you can play even earlier by turning to our Deliverability experts and Deliverability Pro Pack services. From targeted audits to find out if you have delivery problems, to side-by-side assistance during the sending phase, to targeted consulting and training: there are many services and tools MailUp provides to avoid ending up in Spam and they are suited to every need and certified by the 20 years of experience of the best experts in the field.

MailUp’s Do Not Disturb bands: for optimal planning of Black Friday mass mailings

On occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, mailings increase and recipients are often “targeted” continuously with promotional campaigns, recall, countdowns, and promotion expiration reminders.

Therefore, it becomes most important to plan sending timing judiciously, to carefully choose optimal time slots to stimulate recipients when they are most responsive.

The No Disturbance Bands, the new feature already active in the MailUp platform, serve to do just that:

  • makes sure you don’t send emails at certain times
  • permits foolproof email scheduling
  • automate mailings during strategic hours
  • makes sure you don’t send emails at times when your audience is less active, optimizing engagement.
  • optimize engagement by going to intercept recipients in the most effective timing

How to use it and where you find the functionality

During the planning and sending of a message, click on Do not disturb times to activate the function.

Then set the time range in which you want to make sure your audience doesn’t get any messages from you… and the game is done!


These are all new tools you will find in the platform (some already available, some coming soon) to increase your productivity and maximize the performance of your fall campaigns. With these new features, you’ll have everything you need to best compete with the dozens of emails flooding your recipients’ inboxes. Also because, in addition to all these new features, with MailUp you have the ability to send endless emails, with no limits on sending or database contacts! Even in the free trial version of the platform!

What are you waiting for? Start sending your campaigns now with MailUp!

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