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Paola Bergamini
15 December 2022
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A year with MailUp: Email Marketing statistics, news and trends of 2022

A 2022 summary of MailUp, including new releases of the platform, insights, statistics and the achievement of twenty years of activity.

As is our year-end custom, let’s rewind and take a look at the the highlights and report on the statistics and trends of this 2022.

This time, however, our traditional end-of-year summary is even more important. Founded in 2002 in Cremona, this year MailUp celebrates twenty years of activity and market presence.

So, this year, let’s take a look at the balance sheet of our twenty years and our evolution.

2022 Email Marketing statistics (and more)

We begin the 2022 report with a comprehensive look at the degree to which our customers have adopted the email and SMS channel.
In 2022 (from January to December 1, 2022), all MailUp platforms sent overall:

  • 23.5 billion emails
  • 125 million SMS messages
  • 222 million emails sent for Black Friday (+38.5% compared to summer sales and +195% compared to winter sales)

Cross-referencing these two pieces of macro data with the 2022 Black Friday statistics and with a complete analysis of trends of our 2021 Statistical Observatory, what emerges is a greater awareness of the potential of the email channel and industry best practices. This year, in fact, our statistical surveys have shown a common trend. Fewer emails were sent with less focus on the number of mailings compared to greater attention on campaign quality and relevance. Especially on Black Friday, since 2021 there has been an increase in the opening and click rates of +14% and +2.4% respectively in November alone. This fact underscores that – in 2022 – companies have come to master the theory and practices of mailing segmentation and email campaign personalization, decreasing sending frequency and focusing on increased openings and interactions.

Another important fact emerged from the Statistical Observatory (related to email campaigns from 2021) is that our customers’ delivery rates reached 99%. This result speaks for itself. It is gratifying given the work done in recent years to refine MailUp’s sending infrastructure security and reliability.

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2022 MailUp statistics

While the 2022 Email Marketing trend has been positive and a sign of a greater company maturity, we have also confirmed 2021 some trends and improved our training and support services. Here is a summary of the results achieved:

  • over 1 million emails sent to our customers and newsletter subscribers
  • around 10 thousand support requests handled
  • 96% customers satisfied with Technical Support
  • over 200 partners, including Reseller and Referral
  • an average rating of over 4 points out of 5 in the main peer reviews
  • 29 new recruitments
  • over 1800 participants in webinars and 500 training courses
  • more than 263 hours of training (shared, one-to-one and in English) provided
  • 15 webinars and online events
  • 53 in-depth articles and 2 statistical studies

What’s new on the 2022 MailUp platform

These numbers are also the result of the continuous improvement of our platform’s features. This year we were again dedicated to launching tools and optimizing features to improve the platform’s overall potential. Here are some of the innovations launched in 2022:

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These and many other features such as PDF and HTML email downloads and the improvement of the entire platform’s navigation menu were the new features we worked on this year.

Our biggest news: Welcome Contactlab

In May, we saw the breakthrough of 2022: Contactlab joined the Growens group. And that meant the integration of MailUp and Contactlab offers and the creation of a single combined business unit. The operation allowed the new combined division of the Growens Group to become the main Italian player of new generation digital cloud marketing solutions thus increasing market competitiveness.

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The events of 2022: webinars and in person events

2022 was the year that in person events resumed. Here are some of the events and round tables we were part of over the last 12 months:

  • Digital Data and Customer Journey masterclasses organized by the agency SEO AvantGrade and the WOBI masterclass held by Martin Lindstrom
  • Fortronic in Bologna, forum on technology and innovation
  • Festival of Fundraising, held in Riccione
  • World Business Forum (Mexico and Colombia) organized by WOBI, one of the world’s major management events
  • BTO in Florence, the leading Italian digital tourism fair

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MailUp Partner Programs

In 2022 we also devoted special attention to making our Partner Programs even more beneficial and functional:

  • we officially inaugurated newsletters dedicated to our Reseller and Referral partners. They are appointments with news, tips, insights and useful material for partnership activities, helping you stay up to date on the MailUp world
  • we focused on preparing support material for our partners. We provide real kits with work tools and training resources to facilitate partner activities with 360-degree support
  • our Reseller Hypercare workshop, an online event, brought some of our partners together. That’s how we created a first moment of comparison to share feedback and improvement initiatives, as well as opinions on our Reseller Partner Program
  • in another workshop, Email Design with MailUp, we joined one of our first Referral Partners, Confartigianato Chieti L’Aquila, for the first in person MailUp workshop after the pandemic. We then returned live to the desks of AcademyForMe in Chieti to give a lesson in basic Email Marketing and Email Design. This created – free of charge – a moment to learn practical use of the MailUp platform for our partner’s contact network.

Interested in becoming our partner? Visit our web page to find out the details or contact us at partner@mailup.com

What to expect in 2023

New platform features and dedicated services, enhanced email deliverability services, webinars with case studies and practical platform demonstrations, market surveys and email channel trends. All this and more awaits us in 2023.

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Happy Holidays from MailUp.

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