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19 December 2019
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The best of 2019

Between joys and efforts, projects launched, and goals achieved—let’s rewind the tape. Here’s the (non-exhaustive) chronicle of what we’ve done to support your strategies.

The year 2019 is winding down. New Year’s plans, juggling Secret Santas, and dinners with relatives and friends are all that’s left to worry about.

However, there’s one more thing to check off the list before Christmas cuts loose—taking stock of the year that’s about to come to a close. Here, we’ve tried to summarize MailUp’s 2019 through all the blossoming news of recent months, whether they are platform functions, services, or events.

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Messaging Apps on the go

Messaging Apps was released in mid-October 2018 and officially launched during the MailUp Marketing Conference of the same year. Nevertheless, its corporate offer was refined to its final formalization in January 2019.

Facebook Messenger and Telegram became, after E-mail and SMS, the third channel supported by the platform. It’s now possible to:

  • Connect Messenger and Telegram pages to MailUp bots
  • Manage automatic replies (welcome, unsubscribe, etc.)
  • Acquire new members with a multi-channel popup form.

Why Messaging Apps? Because brand-user interaction has changed in recent years: the relationship is now 2-way and based on conversation.


Deliverability for all: it’s Engagement time

We intensified deliverability research in 2019. The payoff made us known as one of the most authoritative and valued players in Italy and abroad.

Moving in this direction, we released the new Engagement feature on February 13. In a dedicated platform section, Engagement Statistics provide advanced data to report campaign progress and the recipients’ engagement level.

The Engagement objective is to bring companies closer to these metrics and make them easier to digest.

Engagement comes in the Premium edition of MailUp and the Go and Premium editions of the Deliverability Suite.


MailUp makes it to the FT 1000 list

March 5 brought the official announcement: MailUp joined the FT 1000, ranked 113 in terms of FY2017 turnover.

The list, edited by the Financial Times with Statista, reports 1000 European companies that obtained the highest percentage rates of 2014–2017 annual revenue growth.

Nazzareno Gorni, CEO of MailUp, released this statement: “Entering the FT 1000 ranking has rewarded our efforts since the foundation, especially our desire to convert innovation and technological research into a business model capable of growing rapidly, profitably, and scalable, both organically and externally. Our particular features have allowed the MailUp Group to become a reference point in Europe among cloud marketing technologies by serving over 21,000 customers, both in SME and Enterprise in 115 countries worldwide.”

Workflows start with a click

With the arrival of spring, MailUp announced the release of several new platform features including click workflows. Workflows based on the recipient’s actions, which consider the interaction of the individual user with a given message as a precondition, were already among the most powerful automation systems on the platform.

Now, recipients’ segmentation is even more precise with this implementation. It’s not only possible to define a specific workflow for users who click inside a message but also to foresee different actions based on the clicked link


New levels of support

The Support team aims to ensure that all our customers work with the utmost serenity and without interruptions, certain that they can count on reliable infrastructure and the expertise of a team that is always available.

In April, the Support service structured four levels to offer a high-level customer experience:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Priority
  • Custom.

Support: by your side at every step



MailUp introduces Predictive Marketing (powered by Datatrics)

The MailUp and newly acquired Datatrics collaboration went live in April. Predictive marketing and the opportunities offered by the combined use of our platform and machine learning algorithms were unveiled.

Datatrics aggregates data from internal sources (CRM, e-mail, social networks, e-commerce, web analytics, etc.) and external sources (demographic data, weather conditions, traffic intensity, etc.) that can be used to build a comprehensive customer profiles database. The Datatrics Predict® Artificial Intelligence algorithm can then forecast the interests of customers who interact with:

  • Websites
  • E-mail
  • Marketing campaigns (Google, Facebook, Display Advertising, etc.).

The result? A dedicated Customer Journey with personalized content to stimulate purchases.


The new filters arrived

The year’s third launch was entirely dedicated to segmentation by introducing advanced filters. Just for the occasion, the entire platform section’s appearance changed. New user selection methods were introduced, UX was revisited, and performance improved.

Advanced filters can subdivide recipients by linking up to 20 conditions and subordinate conditions within the same filter according to AND / OR logics. This was a leap forward for all those customers who want to define their targets more precisely and increase the quality and relevance of the sent content.


Campaign development: the new service

Launched in June, this new service allows companies to find an ally in developing various Digital Marketing activities on E-mail and SMS channels.

Types of activities provided by this serviceare:

  • E-mail design (UX and UI)
  • Full-service e-mail or SMS sending
  • Marketing automation
  • Database building
  • Database enrichment.

[August: commercial break]

Yes, a little rest: some at sea, some in the mountains,some at the other end of the world to regain strength and run for the last fourmonths of the year


MailUp is Deloitte approved, all over again

Deloitte’s reconfirmation arrived in September. It ranked MailUp among the most highly developed technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We moved from 471 last year to 346 with an average turnover growth of 241%.


Premium is born

Certainly, this didn’t get past you. On October 30, we announced the arrival of our fourth platform edition: Premium.

The new edition was created to respond to the needs of companies that obtain revenues directly from e-mail marketing activities and that are looking for a partner capable of simultaneously performing the role of both supplier and strategic consultant.

By merging platform features with consulting,MailUp Premium allows you to:

  • Manage highly customized mailing campaigns
  • Set up conversion campaigns
  • Boost the speed and guarantee delivery to recipients
  • Carefully monitor campaign results and know your database’s degree of engagement to improve it over time
  • Develop multi-channel strategies.


All lists, one dashboard

Starting November 20, customers accessing the platform were faced with a new dashboard that offers a summary and a valuable comparison between the different lists.

This feature, which can also be accessed by clicking on the Lists Summary in the drop-down menu, allows you to select up to five lists to get an overall picture of all activities and strategies in progress with a series of information that can be easily consulted and compared.

For each selected list, the dashboard shows:the last message modified; the statistics over the last 30 days; the recipients(registered, suspended, unsubscribed), and an SMS overview.

2020 MailUp Marketing Conference

It’s all true: the MailUp Marketing Conference is back. This training event stands as a research and knowledge laboratory dedicated to Digital Marketing in its various forms with the goal of focusing on current and future scenarios.

Now in its third edition, the event will place emotional intelligence—the human component that is (and will increasingly become) essential in an era dominated by automation and machine learning—at the center of all discourse.


Our Statistical Observatory special edition

We closed 2019 by launching a special Statistical Observatory issue dedicated entirely to e-mail subject lines.

The Observatory conducted a quantitative analysis on a sample of over 9 billion e-mails to help companies understand how lengthdynamic fields, and emoji’s impact e-mail campaign results. The goal was to shed light on the dynamics that determine e-mail subject line success or otherwise.

Ready for 2020

In short, these are the main innovations that have seen the light of day throughout all of 2019. All that’s left is to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year full of success and innovation.

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