Paola Bergamini
22 December 2020
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The best of 2020

Let’s go over 2020 together. Undoubtedly, this year has been like no other and has put us to the test with new challenges and remote working. However, we’ve been able to face it with a spirit of initiative and adaptation, reaching important goals and objectives.

This anomalous, intense and certainly challenging year is coming to a close. It’s time to make good resolutions for the future. As usual, let’s take a look at the main points where MailUp was pivotal in embracing our achievements together, despite 2020’s unforeseen events and hardships.

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Our 2020 in numbers

2020 has been a complicated year, which tested our skills and forced us to adapt to a new and unexpected scenario. We had to deal with an unpredictable situation, trying to achieve our purposes and complete our porjects despite all the difficulties and the social distancing. With these premises, we reached important goals, recording these important numbers:

  • 21.132.529.221 email sent
  • 112.394.789 SMS sent

We keep on supporting you with our services, despite the distance, reaching important results:

  • 15.000+ requests of assistance handled
  • 98% satisfied customers
  • 162 customers who participated to our courses
  • 702 hours of one-to-one trainings
  • 182 deliverability consulting services provided

And we never stop publishing new resources:

  • 10 ebook and guides
  • 31 webinar and online events
  • 104 blog post
  • 18 hours of video courses

In this 2020 we never stop pursuing our purposes of social responsibility, with 1.305 trees planted in 9 Countries (thanks to our collaboration with Treedom) and with 391,8 tonnes of CO2 disposed of.

Let’s see in details the main events of our 2020. Her’s what we have been able to achieve in this difficult year, in order to support you and your digital strategies despite the emergency.


The year starts off with a Statistics area update

We kicked off 2020 by launching the new Statistics areaWe redesigned and turned it into an even more effective and useful analysis tool for monitoring past, present, and future campaigns.

release9 5 02 1

This new release brought many new features, including:

  • Optimized and even more intuitive and customizable reports that are clustered into reports by message and reports by sending;
  • The new list overview section offers an immediate look at mailings, activity distribution, penetration rate, engagement, geography of mailings, devices, and subscriptions;
  • Notification Center that provides an alert when the requested report is ready to be downloaded; and
  • Engagement Filters i.e. a new set of filters for taking advantage of the Engagement reports information and segmenting the audience based on new conditions.

Engagement reports and filters are available in MailUp Premium, which is the full professional solution for multiplying revenues by converting customers into promoters.



Initiatives against COVID-19

As we know, everyone was struggling with the COVID-19 emergency in March.We at MailUp have also tried to tackle the crisis and issue of distance through a series of initiatives designed to support you in this situation:

  • We’ve made MailUp Video Academy marketing courses free for all our customers.
  • We’ve filled the calendar with emergency-focused free webinars.
  • We’ve gathered every Friday to answer your questions on marketing and digital issues through Question Time.
  • With the bi-monthly Email Check-ups our team of experts have examined the copy, design, and layout of the community’s most interesting emails.
  • We’ve provided free access to the Collaboration tool, which simplifies and speeds up group work on emails by sharing, commenting, and approving each email project directly within the editor.
  • Customers who used only one administrator started having free access to the Additional Administrators tool that allows multiple team members to access the platform at the same time.

The 2020 edition of our Statistical Observatory

March was not just about countering the COVID-19 crisis. The annual edition of the Statistical Observatory was released on March 31. It took stock of Italian Email Marketing, analyzing a pool of nearly 14 billion emails sent by over 11,000 MailUp users.

Compared to the previous year, the study revealed a clear improvement of delivery. This is due to the continuous deliverability research effort and to increased customer awareness about best practices in managing and cleaning the contact database.


The solidarity project by Paola Giannotti

MailUp got involved with Paola Giannotti’s solidarity project in April. In fact, we sponsored the ultracycler online initiative for fundraising the purchase of surgical masks to be donated to the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin.

gianotti paola

MailUp donated €1 for every kilometer covered by Paola. She pedaled for 12 consecutive hours while staying home and successfully completed the challenge with important results:

  • 10,600 surgical masks were donated
  • 33 guests connected via streaming
  • she traveled 366 km
  • raised €5,207


Functional upgrade of the Statistics area

The Statistics area optimizing process started at the beginning of the year and continued with the release of new functions on June 9:

  • Two new graphs in the Analysis and Comparisons area allow for constantly monitoring the database composition in terms of engagement.

statistiche engagement 768x381 2

  • ou can now download the new Notification Center reports in the preferred format (.csv, .xlsx or default), as well as schedule the date and time for starting the export.
  • Reports can be created by aggregating up to 200 messages (far exceeding the previous threshold of 100).

MailUp’s Support in the To Your Home Project

Also in June, MailUp collaborated in developing the To Your Home Project by a citizen from Cremona. She launched the, which is a portal for receiving essential and miscellaneous goods purchased from local businesses directly at home.

MailUp wanted to support her project since it responded to the COVID-19 emergency. We made our sending platform available, giving voice to the project and facilitating the in its communication strategies and activities.

The new MailUp Data series: Timing and Pressure, volume one

The month ended with the June 16 publication of Timing and Pressure, the first volume of the new MailUp Data series.

To start off, we chose to focus on the timing of sending emails and its related impacts. We then conducted a quantitative and qualitative analysis on the timing customers and prospects receive and open company messages throughout the day, week, and year. Besides timing, the study focused on what’s known as pressure, i.e. the number of messages a user receives in a given period and to what extent this affects opening, clicks, and unsubscription rates.

The result highlighted an interesting fact. The most consistent sending volumes are recorded in the last months of the year, while the opening rate develops an inverse trend when it comes to volumes, i.e. higher in the first months of the year, then lower as the number of mailings goes up.


MailUp collaborates with the Politecnico of Milan on a new study: E-commerce and COVID-19

MailUp has combined its research efforts with the B2C eCommerce Observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan’s School of Management to give life to the white paper: E-commerce During Coronavirus. This study is totally dedicated to the impacts of the lockdown and the health emergency on Italy’s e-commerce.

The research examined 1,092 e-commerce campaigns launched between January 1 and June 7, 2020, comparing it to the same period during the previous year. The result? The study clearly showed how the COVID-19 emergency has favored the expansion of e-commerce, involving market segments that used to make offline purchases until a few months ago.

MailUp joins Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA for the third consecutive time

On July 31, news arrived on the MailUp Group’s inclusion in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA, which is one of the most authoritative rankings in the technology sector. It rewards companies that have recorded the highest rate of revenue growth over the last four years.


For the third time in a row, MailUp Group, the holding of which MailUp is a part of, has been confirmed as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa with an average turnover growth of 323%.


Restyling of the MailUp blog and new BEE editor features

We wasted no time and enthusiasm after coming back from summer vacations and August. We rolled up our sleeves even more and launched the MailUp blog’s restyling. This continued to peak your interest throughout the year with ideas and content on the digital marketing world.

There’s more. On September 25, we released a new BEE editor feature: the new layout column resize widget. We thought this up so that in a few clicks you can easily add, remove, and resize the template columns. This makes the layout customizable and meets your needs in an immediate and intuitive way.

TIP 21 Ridimensiona le colonne nelleditor img 01 768x266 1 TIP 21 Ridimensiona le colonne nelleditor img 02


MailUp launches the new PEC+ feature for the Certified Email Address

MailUp news kept unrolling throughout autumn. We inaugurated the month with the launch of a new feature for the Certified Email Address.

October 2020 was the deadline for all legal companies and professionals to acquire and communicate their certified email address.

MailUp wanted to assist its customers in this transition by offering them the a new feature of the platform, which centralizes all your emails in one place, making the management of company communications, both internal and external, much more practical.

You can request the activation of a PEC+ list from your MailUp commercial consultant or by contacting us at

Lifecycle Engagement: the second volume of MailUp Data

On October 20, the second volume of the MailUp Data series was released. This time, it focused on Lifecycle Engagement in Email Marketing campaigns.Through a database, we’ve analyzed user behavior throughout life. This involves the engagement rate and its related changes over time based on measuring the number of communications received.

What emerged from these analyses? The study has highlighted some interesting ideas:

  • The first months of registration are crucial for retaining contacts.
  • Sending frequency has a direct relationship with the engagement rate.
  • User mobility is very high and transitions in the engagement scale are continuous.


MailUp’s on the public list of companies with a legality rating

MailUp reached another important milestone in November. We got two stars out of three in the legality rating. The company was registered on the public list of companies with a legality rating by the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM). 

This rating is a synthetic indicator of corporate high legality standards. It involves how much attention is placed on correctly managing the business. The purpose of the rating is to reward companies that respect the law, are transparent, and operate according to sound ethical principles. 

For MailUp, this recognition represented not only an important milestone that rewarded our modus operandi but also the motivation to keep adopting social responsibility systems that further improve our rating.


New BEE editor features for your landing pages

2020 ended with yet another BEE editor innovation that enriches the landing page creation methods with new features. Here are the key innovations:

  • a new 6-column row layout to take advantage of larger widths
  • HTML block optimization for the use of scripts to ensure better compatibility with embedded content
  • the possibility of collapsing the sidebar for more space and working with greater widths
  • page width expansion up to 1440 px
  • horizontal scrolling of the stage
  • the possibility to insert a menu with links to different web pages or landing page content, plus options to send emails, SMS texts, or calls

The third volume of MailUp Data

On December 3, the third and final volume of the 2020 MailUp Data series,  Re-engagement Strategies, was released.

In this study, MailUp conducted a quantitative analysis on the effectiveness and performance of the inactive customer reactivation campaigns and on the behavior of these recipients. 

The report highlights the adoption rate of the reactivation campaigns, their effectiveness in terms of contact recovery, and the types of users who are more reactive. This generated interesting results:

  • significantly lower performance than traditional campaigns with a 2.3% average value of reactivated users;
  • the most effective mailings are manual ones;
  • between DEM and newsletters, DEM has the best results when it comes to communication type;
  • the top performing email subjects are personalized, targeted, and captivating;
  • the timeliness of intervention is a determining factor for the success of a reactivation strategy; The probability of user disengagement increases, in fact, as his/her age in the database and the time interval between their last action and the campaign sending increase.

Ready for 2021

This was MailUp’s 2020 in a nutshell. Our team wishes you a peaceful and fruitful year full of satisfaction and success.

With the promise of our commitment and our best services—happy 2021!

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