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Paola Bergamini
16 September 2021
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5 Email Marketing tips for the return-to-office month

Here’s our checklist for each brand’s post-vacation priorities: let’s get ready for fall with the right Email Marketing strategy.

September, being a bit like January, brings a lot of new resolutions and objectives for the right planning and strategy restart after summer vacations.

We’re approaching Halloween plus the Black Friday and Christmas holidays: one of the most profitable seasons of the year. We need to leave the “slow months” of summer behind with an effective and preparatory checklist. This key inaugurates the month of September for all companies. Strategic fall plans can’t miss the potential of the email channel.

These 5 simple points summarize the not-to-miss priorities in your fall Email Marketing strategy.

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1. Analyze past results to see where to improve

Measuring to improve” is the MailUp blog mantra. This concept synthesizes the importance of analyzing past performance for understanding which metrics must be kept under controlidentifying corrective actions and aspects to improve, and setting new goals for fall.

 How to do it ?

Statistical reports and Email Marketing audits

2. Monitor your database health

Success begins with the database.” Also, this mantra has always accompanied MailUp’s information initiatives, plus its support and consulting services. Yes, do check the status of your database contacts periodically and not just in September. However, such a control is especially important at this stage of the year. For your upcoming holiday campaigns to be successful, act in time:

How to do it ?

Use the platform features List Overview from the Statistics Area, as well as the Engagement Reports and Filters to identify inactive contacts. Then segment your campaigns based on their responsiveness and interaction.

3. Improve your deliverability

Boost your delivery capacity and reputation as a sender to ensure a great starting point for your fall campaigns. Without good deliverability, your emails won’t get to recipients’ inboxes—let alone be opened. This would thwart all your efforts to keep your database healthy and responsive. Your entire campaign effectiveness starts with and depends on delivery capacity. Always keep it under control, especially when it’s about one of the most decisive sale seasons.

How to do it ?

  • turn to email authentication methods like DKIM, DMARC, SPF, and BIMI
  • try SMTP+, which guarantees optimal delivery capacity
  • refer to the advanced tools and customized consultancy of MailUp’s Deliverability Suite

4. Find out what your contacts like best with the A/B test

Find out what your contacts prefer to receive through the A/B Test, one of the most effective techniques for testing an email’s performance. This simple yet key strategy analyzes the different elements of a message, such as the color of a CTA, copy, email structure, visuals, and so on.

How to do it ?

Create multiple versions of your message by editing the subject, call to action, images, or header. Set the sample of A/B test recipients between 5 and 30% of all of your subscribers. Establish the success criterion (best open rate or click rate) and the duration of the test.

Furthermore, MailUp can automatically send the selected email via the A/B test to the remaining recipients based on the definitive success criterion.

5. Give your campaigns a new look

After having A/B tested the CTA, copy, structure, and visual of your messages, start putting these elements into practice: revolutionize your campaign design! Why not use the support and experience of MailUp to experiment with new templates? Ask us to create customized, professional, and optimized templates.

A tried-and-tested template complies with all the main Email Design best practices. This is an ace up your sleeve to ensure the success of your fall campaigns and boost sales this upcoming holiday season.

How to do it ?

Use the drag & drop BEE editor integrated with the MailUp platform to automatically create mobile-optimized emails. Also, refer to the MailUp design support team, as well as the Creativity Suite service for responsive and performing templates.

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