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Alessandra Sessa
9 October 2018
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MailUp and Blueknow: the new integration for segmented email campaigns

From the synergy between MailUp and blueLead comes the new integration that makes models and trends of user behaviour available to your platform: everything you need to know to create targeted email marketing campaigns and ensure a high return on investment.

Our integrations library has been enriched by a new integration: blueLead, an SAAS solution, developed by Blueknow, which uses very advanced techniques that allow to acquire information on user behaviour during the purchase phase and, consequently, to develop RFM segmentation activities.

Are you wondering what RFM means? This is the RecencyFrequencyMonetary analysis (with the acronym RFM), an advanced segmentation technique that falls within the field of predictive statistics techniques.

Substantially blueLead is able to associate a score to your customers, so you rank different customer segments and, accordingly, define a specific targeted marketing strategy for each individual.

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From here we can understand the great potential of RFM segmentation if applied to Email Marketing, since it allows you to develop highly relevant communications and thus increase the ROI of each campaign.

But let’s go deeper, and see what it means to segment with the RFM criterion.

Principles and benefits of RFM segmentation

We have already seen what the three letters stand for; let us take a more detailed look at which questions are put to the brand:

  • Recency
    When is the last time the user has purchased on your site?
  • Frequency
    How often do they buy?
  • Monetary

 What is the average user spend during the reference period?

Based on the three parameters, three key principles emerge:

  • Customers who bought recently are more receptive to new promotions than customers who bought in further in the past
  • Regular customers are more receptive than occasional ones
  • Customers who have high average spending are more receptive than those who spend less.

It goes without saying that customers who get high RFM scores are those with the greatest conversion potential. Not only that, in cascade RFM segmentation allows to:

  • Identify inactive customers
  • Examine users who plan to buy (they are very advanced along the purchase decision)
  • Reward customers who are above average and generate the most interesting return for the brand.

As anticipated, RFM segmentation allows you to bring your Email Marketing activities to an advanced stage, for two main reasons:

  1. It allows you to address each segment of recipients with types of targeted email campaigns
  2. It allows to identify the sending frequencies and the best offers for each segment
  3. It allows you to define the profile of the target that is most attracted to your offer, and consequently, orienting on this the future strategies aimed at acquiring new potential customers.

Moreover, since your emails are the result of an advanced segmentation (and therefore of a high degree of personalisation), your mailings will reduce the number of spam and unsubscription messages to a minimum.

The benefits of the MailUp-blueLead integration

All this you can now implement for your brand, integrating blueLead to the MailUp platform: you can count on advanced RFM segmentation as a basis for developing increasingly important Email Marketing campaigns, addressed to the right customer segment.

There are many practical cases of application: you can evaluate and set the threshold below which it is not convenient for your business to continue to send and persevere with re-engagement strategies; or develop new strategies to convert a cluster of occasional customers into loyal customers.

To obtain the classification of your user database, Blueknow requires a preliminary statistical study on the history of your customers and users, in order to calibrate the blueLead software and define segmentation intervals and the RFM matrix.

Once the intervals are determined, the users are distributed in the different segments.


What is the best ally of segmentation? Automation. The blueKnow integration creates segments on which the MailUp platform can trigger customised automatic email streams based on purchase intent.

Here is a hypothetical database broken down into segments, the result of the RFM analysis.

“Unique session” users
Who are they?
Users who have visited your site without buying
How to segment them?
By interests and user profile
Identify their needs

“Abandoned cart” users
Who are they?
They left their cart, without ever conducting a purchase
How to segment them?
RFM (referring to abandonment)
Conversion into purchase

Occasional customers
Who are they?
Customers who bought only once
How to segment them?
RM (purchase frequency is 1)
Convert occasional purchases into retention

Recurring customers
Who are they?
They bought 2 or more times
How to segment them?
Conduct upselling, increasing your average receipt

Not just segmentation: the other advantages of integration

blueLead represents more than segmentation, it also represents immediacy and data connections on all sales channels, both online and offline. Specifically:

  • Daily database update (ON and OFF)
  • Acceptance of processing of personal data and sharing with acquired leads, making transactions 100% GDPR compliant
  • RFM segmentation for purchase interest: track the user based on their position in their customer journey (if the process ends, if they leave without making the purchase)
  • Full visibility of the customers life cycle.

Integrating blueLead with MailUp is very simple

To get the integration just log in to MailUp and enter Settings Account settings > Integrations: you will find the dynamic catalogue with all the key information on the integrations available and how to get the connectors.

If you still don’t have an account, you can request a free 30-day trial of the platform so you can fully experience the combined potential of MailUp and blueLead.

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