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Denis Fox
2 July 2019
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Copywriting and Its Role in Marketing Translation

Copywriting is a critical part of marketing translation. Get more insight on how the two elements can help businesses increase their sales.

Businesses are expanding their operations getting into new territories. That means they have to reach out to the new potential clients who speak a different language and lead a different way of life.

Apart from just marketing, there is a need to understand the beliefs, culture and the way of life of the target market so that the translation of the marketing content can be easier. The content should also have the required impact on the target audience.

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Besides, the key to creating content that people can relate to is to ensure that you understand them first. Regardless of your line of business, you need to reach out to and persuade the potential clients that your products are the best.

While a free online translator can help with simple tasks, there are translation jobs that need specialists with a proper understanding of how things work.

What is the Role of Marketing Translation in Business?

Clients do not just decide to buy products produced by a given company. The business has to make a deliberate effort to inform the clients about the products they have and how these products are likely to improve the life of the consumer.

Technically, that is what marketing is. A company have to convince that its product is the best and the customers should purchase it. Because of the other companies that produce similar commodities, the clients should know that you are the best in the industry and purchasing your product is in their best interest.

The companies that provide the best online translation services understand the consumers and can connect with them through the content they prepare on the company’s website. Such custom-made content can place you ahead of your competition. As a business, you need to identify the areas that can give you an advantage over the competitors. Content geared towards the needs of the clients is one of those areas you should put more emphasis.

Before the material that is meant to market the product of a given company is translated from one language to another, the copywriter should understand the culture of the customers. For example, you need to know that there are those words that when loosely translated can sound offensive. If your company is not cautious, the content created may show the business in a bad light instead of promoting the products they sell.

To increase the revenue, you do not want the clients to perceive you as a business that does not respect their way of life. For effective marketing translation, you need to have a direct connection to the intended customers.

If a business depends on Google Translate, the final results may be disastrous as negative publicity may lead to a huge reduction in the sales made by your company.

With proper copywriting skills, the content becomes even better as the customers have access to motivating content. A writer that sees your content as useful feels the urge to purchase more commodities from your company. When you have many clients that perceive you as a good company based on your content, your chances of success in the industry increase.

What Form of Copywriting Is Good for a Business?

Marketing translation means that there is a specific market that is targeted. Therefore, the content created should be aimed at that specific segment of the market. As a business owner, you have to disclose important information to the copywriter regarding the product as well as the clients.

The first thing that the copywriter should know is the product you deal with. That way, they can tell the type of content that is suitable for such kind of a product and the keywords that should be used. The next critical information is the target audience. Do not leave the copywriter guessing as to the type of content that should be on your website.

With that information, the copywriter can decide on the tone that is appropriate for that group to make your business and its products more attractive to the customers. You should know that copywriting and marketing translation efforts are useless if the information does not meet the specifications of the customers. Every content should be custom-made for the target market. Simply put, the customer should always be the priority when any website content is created.

The content created should always be briefinformative and useful to the readers. People are lazy by nature do not have time to read huge chunks of information to get a glimpse of what your company has to offer.

The customers can easily move on to other websites when they notice that the content on your website is wordycomplicated to read and offer little value. Moreover, there is a need to simplify the technical terms so that the clients can find it easy to read through the content meant for them. Use a variety of sentences so that the reader cannot get bored. You need to know that using long sentences makes it hard to comprehend the content.

On the other hand, many short sentences following each other make the information boring. Proper flow of the information provided is important. That is something professional copywriters understand and implement effectively for the best results. Therefore, you can only trust professionals who are well-versed with the issues of copywriting to achieve the best results.

Generally, the content should appeal to targeted readers. The first way of ensuring that the clients read through the rest of the content is to have an attractive title. Make the title brief and engaging.

The readers should feel the urge to read the information presented. Even here, translation skills come in. There are cases where the title of the source language is interesting, but it becomes boring when translated to the target language.

Humorous content is good for attracting readers. However, jokes should not be overused. It may make the clients feel that your company is not serious in its product provision. When you get a marketing translator who is also an expert in copywriting, the whole work becomes easier. This is because such experts know how to deal with complicated words that when translated directly may bring completely different meaning.

They also know how to strike a balance between presenting serious information and being humorous. With their expertise, there is no chance that your brand can be viewed differently from what you intended because of improper translation. Just the right information gets to the target readers.

The Importance of Copywriting and Marketing Translation

Below are some of the benefits of copywriting in marketing translation.

  • Enhances ability to persuade customers
    With the technical translation, one has to ensure that the words translated from one language to the other are accurate. Copywriting ensures that the content can be crafted in such a way that the readers find it useful, attractive and persuasive. The marketing translators with copywriting skills ensure that the translated content is still persuasive even in the target language. They do more than just technically translating the content. Such skills are valuable in your bid to get more clients and increase sales.
  • Adds new skills of marketing to the business
    If you are looking for a marketing translator, it is important to consider an expert with copywriting abilities in their mix of skills. The content prepared by such professionals is what the customers can identify with. Also, the information is relayed properly without cases of ambiguity. Always have the surety of achieving the best sales results. The prosperity of your business is dependent on the experts you hire. Always get the right copywriting professionals.
  • Connects well with customers
    It does not matter the kind of business you are involved in; you should know that the most important pillar is the customer. As such, you should make every effort to connect with them. That can only happen if you create content that they can identify with. Here, proper copywriting skills are important.

On the other hand, the process of content creation requires one to have knowledge of the languages and the culture of the target language. That way, you can use the tone that the clients feel comfortable with.

Copywriting experts understand the psychology of the customers. Therefore, they know exactly what impresses them and what may not interest potential clients. With the content they create, you can be sure that all your clients feel comfortable and would love to read all the content on your website. That translates to more sales and increased revenue.

To sum up, you need an expert with both the ability to do marketing translation and at the same time know how to do copywriting for the best results. With that, your business can be on the path towards prosperity.

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