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Andrea Serventi
19 December 2017
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MailUp Is Included In Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2017!

It’s called Technology Fast 500 EMEA 2017, and it’s the ranking created by Deloitte to honor the fastest growing high-tech companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For MailUp, this marks the crowning achievement of a path of growth that spans business, technology and innovation.

The news came the day after the MailUp Marketing Conference, when Deloitte published the 2017 edition of its Technology Fast 500 EMEA, one of the most authoritative rankings for the high tech sectors.

This classification, compiled by the world’s leading consulting and auditing services company, this year includes MailUp.

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Growth, technology and innovation

Focusing on the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Deloitte’s ranking rewards companies operating in a variety of tech sectors that have recorded the highest percentage of revenue growth between 2013 and 2016.

Deloitte 2017 Tech Fast 500 EMEA Infographic

The sectors taken into consideration range from software to hardware, from telecom to media, and from life sciences to energy technology. This wide and varied selection has a minimum common denominator: the ability to combine technological innovation , entrepreneurship and high growth rates in highly technological and competitive contexts.

“Entering the Technology Fast 500 is an important recognition that has rewarded the intense work and the courageous choices made over these last years. In particular, I am thinking of substantial investments in R&D, work on the organization to attract the best talent, and the decision to be listed on the AIM Italia market managed by Borsa Italiana. These are the bases that have allowed MailUp Group to become a reference point in Europe in the field of marketing technologies, serving over 17,000 customers in both SME and Enterprise contexts, in 115 countries worldwide”.

Nazzareno Gorni, CEO of MailUp Group

Thanks to an average revenue growth of 240% between 2013 and 2016, MailUp is now ranked 471th within the EMEA area and 6th within Italy.  This was achieved through constant work in terms of both entrepreneurship and technological research.

It is an award that offers us the opportunity to relive the key turning points that have characterized our last years within the spheres of business and innovation – two aspects that, as testified by Deloitte, are different sides of the same coin.

A brief history of four sizzling years

The creation of BEE

It was in April four years ago that we launched a tool intended to revolutionize MailUp and the way of carrying out Email Marketing. We chose the name BEE  to underline its simplicity and immediacy as a drag & drop editor that would allow companies to create emails and newsletters in a just few minutes, while automatically optimizing displays for smartphones and tablets. It still remains one of MailUp’s secrets, and means that it can offer a tool for creation that has no parallel on the market, which is integrated within the platform but can also be stand alone, thanks to the BEE free edition.

Landing on the Stock Exchange
In July, MailUp acquired a new dimension, looking towards the future. The arrival on Piazza Affari and the inclusion on the AIM Italia market listings represented a decisive step that supported the development of the company at national and international level, together with operators and investors.

The year of acquisitions

2015 saw the establishment of MailUp’s corporate dimension, thanks to a vast acquisition cycle. The first to enter the family was Acumbamail, an emerging leader in the field of Email Marketing in Spain, founded in 2012 and recording a turnover growth rate of over 200% in 2014. This company allowed MailUp to strengthen its presence in the Spanish-speaking areas of the world, which represent one of the “fastest growing markets” of the international digital economy.

In November, it was the turn of Globase, an Email Markting company founded in Copenhagen in 1999, which is still the group’s outpost for the Nordics markets.

Finally, December saw the acquisition of Agile Telecom, an independent international operator specializing in SMS services. This was a fundamental step that fortified MailUp’s position as a leader in terms of instant messaging (SMS), as well as in the advertising channel (Mobile Advertising) and in the sectors of IT and communications with users.

Launch of MailUp Enterprise
This key step allowed us to re-write the kind of products we offer. With Enterprise, MailUp can provide an advanced Email and SMS Marketing solution that meets companies’ most complex requests thanks to a wide range of strategies and customized consultations. In particular, two new services were created: Customized Solutions and the Customer Success Service.

The former allows the platform configuration to be delegated to MailUp, so its characteristics can be shaped according to the company in question. Its activities concern onboardingintegration of the platform with external systems, creative development of email marketing campaigns and management of high priority items. The latter provides the customer with a new and advanced team logic, to cover and address all types of requirements, from everyday necessities to personalized projects.

Great news from the financial side also came in 2016: the forecasts made at the IPO were exceeded, with an expected turnover of 18.2 million euros and a total of 21.6 million euros effectively reached.

The creation of MailUp 9
At the beginning of the year, the platform underwent a face lift, not just in terms of its redesigned interface and user experience , but above all through the new Marketing Automation system. MailUp 9 came about with the aim of offering brands advanced functions for the creation of workflows, and to give rise to an automatic flow capable of delivering multi-channel campaigns in a timely and personalized manner. By combining the potential of email and SMS, the workflows let brands accompany their customers throughout the entire customer journey, from the first contact to the purchase, all the way through to up-selling and loyalty activities.

And we come to the tail end of 2017, when – as you know – we organized our first major event , namely the MailUp Marketing Conference, a day of discussions curated by Italian and international guests, entirely dedicated to Digital Marketing.

2018 on the launch pad

The award from Deloitte comes as the culmination of this process, providing recognition of our ability to combine entrepreneurship with research in the field of messaging technologies.

It is in this area of ​​development that we will re-launch our projects for 2018, in order to open the platform up to the most modern messaging systems, where conversations between people take place today. The goal? To make a tool available to companies – specifically the MailUp platform – that reveals the widest and most complete digital ecosystem, to put the brand in contact with the outside world, made up of users, customers and, above all, people.

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