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Anatolii Riabyi
23 March 2021
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How to Use Email Branding to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Email Marketing can be an effective tool for raising your brand awareness, even though many see it solely as a way of increasing sales. In fact, a correct strategy may lead to greater recognition and raise brand awareness. It may even boost your positioning within your niche. Let’s see how to do it.

The rise of social networks and mobile commerce has somewhat cut back Email Marketing. Nevertheless, Email Marketing is still required as an economically viable tool. This is because it guarantees a long-term interaction between the company and the customer, along with a direct and paced communication. So what are the best practices for raising and increasing brand awareness via Email Marketing?

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What is Email Branding?

Branding is a marketing technique for building a desirable image of a product or a company in the user’s mind. Accordingly, Email Branding could be defined as connecting the brand and its symbols with the company’s email campaigns. The mailing address, logo, fonts, colors, images, and signature—all of these belong to both the email and the brand/product image. They make the brand recognizable, enhancing its value and awareness.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Brand Recognition?

Email Branding can help you:

  • increase customer loyalty by creating a direct relationship with each of them;
  • recover marketing costs by increasing recognition and sales;
  • increase the value that consumers place on the brand;
  • motivate customers to build a long-term relationship with the company, and
  • reduce the number of unsubscribed users.

Email Marketing is a great tool for building regular, constant, and direct relationships with users. For this reason, it’s an effective way to increase brand awareness alongside SEO channels and social media. Now, if it comes with your company logo, that’s even better.

Harness this channel for branding: start designing a logo and experiment with fonts, colors, images, and symbols. Create something that’ll make your brand recognizable to your users.

4 Reasons to Use Email Branding

Which company is more credible? One that sends quality messages with a logo, a brand, and a recognizable sender, or one whose emails are anonymous with an unknown sender and no logo?

The answer is obvious. However, if you still have doubts, here are 4 reasons to do email branding.

1. The First Impression is the Most Important

A branded email speaks for professionalism. Conversely, a message with no recognizable logo, image, and sender shows inexperience. Even worse, if your brand isn’t instantly recognizable, then your recipients could think that the message is spam. This could result in deliverability damage.

2. Increase Brand Trust

Branded emails are easier to recognize and, as we’ve seen, speak for professionalism and experience. They automatically inspire trust in the user.

Grow your online presence. Create different email addresses for different departments or business segments. If you have a small business, you can still create different addresses like the sales department, customer service, and communication with specialists (manager, marketer, etc.). This feeds your brand image. Knowing that the letter doesn’t end up in the general inbox—where it can get lost—and that a specific specialist reads it, puts the client at ease.

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3. Increase Security and Brand Loyalty

If your company’s brand isn’t easily recognizable, then your users may not feel at ease in sending or requesting sensitive information.

Therefore, email branding can work to increase the feeling of security and reliability associated with the company, as well as the brand loyalty of your contacts.

4. Growth in Brand Recognition

A clear, visible logo and brand in each email sent out there also means brand promotion. This adds to the promotion of specific campaign products or initiatives. Email branding can have the same effect as advertisements, with significantly lower costs.


Personalization, uniformity, and corporate identity elements contribute to the growth of brand awareness through Email Marketing. Take advantage of email branding strategies like using your logo, signature, corporate image, and other brand elements in your campaigns. Thanks to these small tricks, each sending will contribute to the growth of your brand.

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Anatolii Riabyi

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