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Jacob Hudill
2 July 2020
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2020 Email Design Trends That Will Drive More Sales in the Future

So, with the beginning of another decade, the methods you’ve been incorporating so far probably won’t have the underlying effect you’d been hoping for. With the continuous change in email designs and strategies, you have to strive towards making an amazing experience for your subscribers/supporters.

So, with the beginning of another decade, the methods you’ve been incorporating so far probably won’t have the underlying effect you’d been hoping for. With the continuous change in email designs and strategies, you have to strive towards making an amazing experience for your subscribers/supporters.

What could be much better than incorporating the recent 2020 email marketing trends in your campaigns? We guess nothing!

So, to help you drive more business sales in the coming time, we’ve highlighted the most encouraging 2020 email marketing trends. Just go through them so that you can easily kick off the year strong and get prepared for the upcoming challenges.

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1 – Switch to 3D Graphics

In today’s time, images are a core element of any email, but simply including them on the header doesn’t make it an impressive and good one. If you really think that you need to refresh your email design, then you are right and its high time to switch from 2D to 3D graphics. Doing so will give your emails a completely new & fresh dimension. The 3D graphics can help you elevate your email as they reflect your products or services from a completely different angle. They can bring your products to life & create an interesting composition. You can also use 3D graphics to highlight an important part of your email as they will surely stand out. For that, you can make use of online tools to create a show-stopping 3D graphics.

2 – Use Minimalistic Designs

In the year 2019, minimalism came a long way. It helps us in clearing out the personal space and bring more joy inside the home. But, with the changing scenario, now it’s time to take one step further. As we all know, there are multiple ads attacking us every virtual step we take. At last, we get too tired and busy to consume emails with heavy-content. This is the reason why email designs are becoming simpler this year. So, it is better to use minimalistic designs, use simple artwork, and easy on the eye colors, so that your subscribers can appreciate your emails more. This way, there will be more chances that they click on them again. Choosing a simpler option doesn’t mean that you will sacrifice with your creativity. Using a minimal approach, you can simply experiment with color schemes, fonts, graphics, and drive more sales in the coming time.

3 – Hyper-Personalized Automated Campaigns

In the year 2020, email marketing will be not about a one-size-fits-all approach to reach the targeted audience. With a major focus on psychology, brands can easily increase an open rate if they put their clients in the first place and think about their problems individually. After all, we all are humans; it’s in our nature to talk about ourselves and our interests. There is no denying fact that remembering someone’s name is one of the best ways to convince people to buy your products.

And when it comes to email marketing, then hyper-personalized automated campaigns are the future that provides amazing results. With hyper-personalization, companies are considering real-time data & browsing behavior to send highly-relevant emails.

4 – Creative Typography

Typography is termed as a unique form of art that uses the words that we want to spread around. It is also known as the foundation for the art itself. Email is no longer a set of words where some attractive pictures can be attached in order to grab the attention of the user. Here, words themselves become the images, so that the reader can get attracted directly to the element that we want to reflect.

So, in the year 2020, we may definitely see an evolution of modern typography. It’s not only going to be an amazing lettering but will become a centrepiece of email. It combines animation, shapes, & include everything together into email graphics. And if you want to stand out from others and try a different approach, then you can decide to lose the pictures and focus solely on the typography factor.

5 – Mobile-First Optimization

As per the experts, the number of mobile users is predicted to reach around 7.26 billion in 2020. In today’s time, everyone has a very busy schedule, that is why modern people save their time and resolve their issues on the go by using mobile phones. Either it’s about reading emails or making purchase decisions, they do everything via mobile. As per the reports, not only 61% of all emails are read via mobile devices, but also 79% of users made a purchase online with their device in the last six months. This completely reflects that customers are ready to learn more about the product and buy it using their gadget.

But, there comes an ugly truth, i.e., only 20% of the email campaigns are optimized for mobile devices. This means that customers are unable to read your email, and it gets automatically buried in the inbox.

6 – Video Content Popularity

Over the last few years, video content has already gained a lot of popularity. Nowadays, people are spending more time watching videos online. This is not it; now, the video has become one of the most favorite types of content for almost every consumer. For 90% of customers, product videos prove to be really helpful in making their decisions. For businesses, one can easily showcase their products, explain their working like how to use it, and even build brand authority very easily. Not only the businesses, even there are lot of assignment help providers, who create amazing academic videos for students so that they can get help with their studies and promote their services easily.

Suppose you are running a business & want to create interactive emails that deliver business results, then making videos should be a part of your email marketing strategy in 2020.

7 – Brand Storytelling

It’s the era of brand authenticity where a large number of overly-polished ads, modern customers generally look for a reliable & genuine brand with real people behind it. Thus, it’s high time to humanize your brand if you wish to increase your sale more with the power of brand storytelling. This is one of the best ways to hook your subscribers and engage them.

It is a truth that stories leave a great impact on our perception as they are more memorable than the facts. Moreover, using the email marketing trend of brand storytelling, you can create an emotional bond with your subscribers, build brand authenticity, humanize it, hold customers’ attention, & influence consumer behaviour. This is how the email marketing trend can help you drive more sales in the coming time.

8 – Cross-channel integration

There is no denying fact that when it comes to choosing the best marketing channel among marketers, then email is the number one choice. Over the course of a few years, cross-channel marketing has gained a lot of popularity. The premise is really simple. All you have to do is synchronize all your marketing channels & deliver amazing offers to all your subscribers. This tactic can be helpful in increasing user engagement and improve loyalty and brand awareness. At the same time, it is less personalized and sometimes creates issues for designated teams, especially when the organization in bigger.

So, this year, the cross-channel concept will surely evolve to cover not only the social media and email but other multiple apps that track customer behavior – for example, Geo-locatio

Wrapping Up…

For businesses, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to drive sales if it’s done right. To outshine your competitors and ensure that your subscribers will love your email campaigns, you need to think about their needs, do something out of the box and give a try to these aforementioned email marketing 2020 trends. After all, knowing about these amazing trends is one of the great ways to convey the message in a manner your subscribers want.

This is it!

So these are the top email marketing trends that will rule in 2020. You should definitely consider them, but keep in mind that these trends keep on changing with time. They constantly evolve as per the needs of marketers’ & consumers’. Some of the trends that I have talked about in this article may take a little time to come to life. Ultimately, no one knows about what will happen in the next 5 to 10 years, but one thing is for sure – the future of email is very strong.

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