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Rebecca Willis
12 May 2020
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3 Tips to Combine Your Email Marketing and Chatbot

69% of consumers prefer chatbots because of the ability to quickly interact with brands and companies.

Email marketing is currently considered one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Despite this, it is a rather old tool, which surprisingly still works and brings excellent results. Litmus studies have shown that the return on investment from this channel is 38: 1.

However, in recent years, chatbots have gained immense popularity. They have shown their effectiveness and are known for a sharp increase in sales and income. Due to their versatility, they can be used in a wide variety of niches and perform various functions. That is why combining these tools is interesting for business.

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Improving the online user experience

The development of new technologies is possible only on condition that they justify themselves. Otherwise, the novelty is losing popularity very quickly. However, this did not happen with chatbots. The last few years, their popularity has increased significantly. Despite the presence of companies that are still skeptical of them, their development is inevitable.

The fact that the technology is really worthy of attention, studies say. A survey of 1,000 participants using websites, applications, search engines, and messaging applications revealed that they were faced with disappointments, namely:

  • 34% of users find sites difficult to navigate;
  • 31% did not receive answers to simple questions;
  • 28% say they have difficulty finding contact information and company schedules.

This leads to the conclusion that users haveceased to receive what they want and it is time for businesses to adapt tochange the situation. Be more flexible and listen to consumers.

What are chatbots

This is a software application, the principle of which is the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. This helps to understand what a person wants by providing relevant information. The tool allowed to minimize labor resources and provide quality customer service.

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Define the purpose of channel merging

To understand whether a combination of these sources will be useful, before using it, you need to understand whether chatbots will be of interest to your consumers. The report says that 69% of consumers prefer chatbots because of the ability to quickly interact with brands and companies. Think about what tasks the tool should solve for your business and study the statistics below. This will help to understand whether the chat bot can be effective for your business..

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Chatbots know your target audience well

Today, success awaits companies that choose personalization to interact with customers. Chatbots can easily do this. They can send personalized messages using user data. This allows you to provide the greatest significance of the interaction. This is a new generation tool that allows you to drop into the depths and use not only demographic data, but also focus on the interests of consumers.

Work on a user communication strategy. Make sure that all messages speak the same tone and take into account the brand concept. Also pay attention to the literacy of the newsletter. It should not contain errors or typos, as this negatively affects the image of the company. To avoid such problems, use the Grammarly tool or give texts for proofreading to special services such as Ivory Research. It will help to make the text high-quality and will inspire confidence among users, forming a positive image of the company.

Chatbot Benefits:

  • help to know more customers, which ensures high-quality interaction with the target audience;
  • there are a huge number of users who no longer use email, which means the use of chatbots is simply inevitable;
  • helps to get more traffic for the site;
  • a lot of people prefer to share information through chatbots, because email is not so convenient for them.

Skeptics will always be

Even impressive results left skeptics. There are many companies that believe chatbots can disrupt their email marketing efforts. Moreover, statistics show that things are reversed. Chatbots help you to be more personalized, take into account the needs of customers and improve the type of content for certain groups. As a result, the number of people who want to cancel the newsletter is reduced. The tool makes it possible to stay relevant, offering what really interests users, here and now.

Tip 1: Don’t Limit Your Choices

Quite often, users do not want to leave their email, because they want to keep it in order. People don’t like raking 1000 unnecessary letters later. Therefore, before leaving their email, they think several times whether they need it. Balance the ratio of benefit and effort. To get contact with the user, offer him a convenient way. Please note that each communication channel has its own characteristics. In view of this, it can be easier for consumers to subscribe to the bot and receive notifications on social networks. Since messaging is much simpler here and does not require such efforts and the need to clean the mailbox.

For great results, consider placing a pop-upbanner with a subscription module that allows you to choose your owninteraction channel and include Messenger in it.

Tip 2: use all possible tools

There is good news. Facebook is a flexible platform that allows you to use programming features. Thus, you can configure the newsletter in a convenient and effective way for yourself. Program the bot to invite users to receive news about new offers and useful content via email. Keep in mind that this method will be really effective only if you are working on a content strategy that brings real benefits to consumers. This step will provide an opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of the chat bot.

Tip 3: offering more flexible support

Email interactions can be time consuming. In the modern world, users are accustomed to receive prompt feedback and do not like to wait. Therefore, it is better to add a chat bot link after purchasing the product. This will help the user to receive prompt assistance, which means being satisfied with your brand.


Chatbots are an effective way to communicate with consumers. It can be used in conjunction with other Digital tools. This is a relatively new channel, so it has not become widespread yet. Despite this, the practice of companies and the user experience of customers suggests that it can and should be applied. Use the tips in this article and you can improve your online activities. Remember, users do not like to wait for long answers, and interactions through instant messengers and the provision of several possible communication options can improve the speed of interaction with consumers. At the same time, the chat bot, as a distribution method, makes it possible to personalize messages. And this is the main aspect of the company’s success in the modern world.

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