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Nicole Cowart
29 August 2019
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Why Email Signature Marketing Is More Powerful than Social Media Marketing

How much time do youspend on social media for the sake of marketing? How many emails do you sendper day?

If you’re like most business owners or marketers, your social media activity prevails. Instagram is way more fun than email. But does that mean we should neglect email? On the contrary! In most situations, email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. Facebook Ads may get you leads, but there’s nothing more effective than direct messaging when it comes to nurturing those leads.

Nate Elliott, VP and principal analyst at Forrester, recommends us to stop making social media the center of our relationship marketing activities. This is what he stated for Fast Company: “If you have to choose between adding a subscriber to your email list or gaining a new Facebook fan, go for email every time.”

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You’re sending email messages to leads who are already ready to take action. It makes sense to pay more attention to that aspect of nurturing. You have to consider all details, such as the timing, subject line, text, offer, closing line, and signature.

Signature marketing, in particular, makes a big difference on how your message is being accepted.

What Is Email SignatureMarketing?

We already know what email marketing is – a strategy for attracting and nurturing leads, which eventually sends them down the sales funnel.

Including the signature in this story is one of the most prominent email marketing trends at the moment. This is the part of the message that’s right below the closing line. It’s important for raising brand awareness, simply because it mentions the brand and provides contact information. It’s the signature that takes people to your website.

When you elevate the signature to the “marketing” status, it will support the goal of reaching conversions.

How Can You Use EmailSignatures in Your Marketing Strategy?

There are few opportunities to blend signature, sales and marketing.

Use Them for Boosting Brand Awareness

Here’s how the signature of Dropbox looks like:

firma email

It’s pretty clean and minimalistic. But it’s still noticeable at the bottom of the message. It mentions the company’s name and address, so it puts the “Dropbox” name again in your head. But the signature also links to the website.

Dropbox is a well-known brand, so it doesn’t have to try hard with elaborate signatures. When you want to boost the awareness for a startup, you can take things further. You can include the company’s logo in the signature, and even mention what the business does.

Use It as a Banner

Banners are noticeable! They give you space for creativity, so you can share the most important message in a prominent way. Check out this one included in an email signature:

firma marketing

You can use this strategy to promote a special offer, the latest post, or any other thing that gets people to your site.

Special Signatures from Each Department

Not all email messages come from the marketing department. Some are from the business owners. Others are from the management or human resource department.

You can use unique email signatures to distinguish all these email messages.

Email Signatures for Ongoing Marketing Campaigns

The signature can label the continuity of your marketing campaign. You have a campaign for a specific product? You’ll use the same signature for all messages from that campaign. But when you promote another product, you’ll use another signature to make it recognizable.

Email Signatures for Boosting Sales

Let’s say a writing service sends a message to a subscriber. The message will feature a discount code, and then it will have a closing line: “Get your essay support here!” Most recipients won’t notice the link if it’s hidden in the text. But if they can click a styled signature that features the brand name, they will do it.

You can use product images as an email signature. When the recipient clicks on it, they will get to the exact product at your site.

Tips: How to Develop anEmail Signature Strategy

Now that you know how you can use signatures to enhance your marketing strategy, let’s see: what are the best practices for email signatures?

  • You need a compact strategy. You won’t design a new signature for each message. You’ll have a recognizable design, which you may shift depending on the purpose of the message.
  • Make the signature clickable. It’s a marketing channel, which will bring people to your website.
  • Include the brand’s name and address. That’s how the signature works towards greater brand awareness.
  • The signature may have an informative purpose. Use it to feature new products or offers.
  • The design has to be perfect. Whether you opt for minimalism or you want a prominent signature, it has to fit within the overall design of the message. And it should be great!

Are You Paying EnoughAttention to the Signature?

Social media ads and posts have great competition. They struggle to catch the attention of a person with a low attention span. But if someone subscribes to your email and opens your message, you get higher chances for your message to be heard.

This is your chance.

The entire message should be perfect in design, text, and point. The signature is part of it. Believe it or not, it can drive more conversions than your social media campaign. Are you doing enough to achieve such an effect?

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