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Paola Bergamini
16 December 2021
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HTML 3.0 arrives in MailUp platform: all the advantages of the latest news

Lighter emails, seamlessly viewable without inbox clipping, and assured compatibility on any email client. This and much more from HTML 3.0, the latest frontier of Email Design now available on the platform.

You’ve worked hard on your email message, carefully chosen the best images and original Gifs that rock with your target audience and ensure a WOW effect for your campaign. But just when the results are satisfying and test sending looks great, you see the script that ruins everything: “See full message.

With the latest from MailUp—HTML 3.0—all this is about to become a memory of the past. Now you can have optimized compatibility on main email clients and more lightweight emails, to set your creativity free. These are the main advantages of the new frontier of the BEE editor for creating emails.

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HTML 3.0: description and advantages.

HTML 3.0 is the latest innovation — result of constant research, study and experimentation — of the BEE drag&drop editor, also available on the MailUp platform.

What is it and what are its benefits?

Your emails are lighter

Thanks to the new features of HTML 3.0, messages created with the BEE editor integrated with the MailUp platform are now an average of 56% lighter.

Less heavy emails, faster to load with a more compact HTML. This is the first big advantage of this latest update ti the MailUp platform.

No more truncated messages on Gmail

Lighter emails also mean a lower risk of inbox clipping.

What is Inbox Clipping?

If the email is opened by a Gmail user and it is larger than 102 KB, the message is truncated and displayed only in part, forcing the recipient to click on the text “View entire message” to read all the contents. The effect is definitely unpleasant, keeps the reader from viewing the message in its entirety and discourages the potential conversion of a campaign. 

HTML 3.0 therefore reduces the possibility of interrupting of the display of a message by Gmail, the second ever most widely used email client, not only in the desktop view, but with any type of device. HTML 3.0 in fact, has not only enhanced email display of via PC, but also on mobile devices, reducing the risks of an unresponsive, uncomfortable display even on smartphones.

image 80

This ultimately means:

  • a better delivery experience
  • more creative freedom and design less limited by weight constraints in the choice of visuals
  • increasing the effectiveness of a campaign and improving performance

Improved compatibility with major mail clients

In addition to lightening the weight of emails and reducing the risk of inbox clipping, HTML 3.0 has improved compatibility with major mail clients to ensure optimal message rendering. 

This means fewer worries and constraints in the choice of images and Gifs when creating email campaigns and the guarantee of a better delivery experience. The result is an increase in your brand’s reputation in the eyes of recipients.

Why HTML 3.0 is synonymous with professional design and optimal performance

  • email upload speed
  • optimal display and rendering of the message from desktop and mobile devices
  • reduced risks of truncated email display
  • optimization of message compatibility with major mail clients

Finally, these are the 4 achievements of HTML 3.0 for email.

Here are the benefits of delivered by these 4 points for ordinary Email Marketing activities.

First, you’ll have the ability to create emails that are easy to view, fast-loading, with a high-performance design, and optimized automatically, without any prior technical knowledge. No intervention is required on your part: BEE editor and the MailUp platform will do that for you.

Second, you’ll have greater flexibility and freedom of choice for the graphic elements of your messages: no more need to worry too much about the overall weight of your emails and the consequences of using a visual that is too heavy for message delivery. You’ll have no more constraints on your creative needs and choices in the field of Email Design.

Third, you’ll be more likely to stimulate conversion through your campaigns. Sending light, easy-to-load, optimized-design messages also means improving your target audience’s experience in opening and reading messages. It also means greater campaign effectiveness and consequent performance improvement.

Fourth and last, a better reputation for your brand, thanks to a more professional and error-proof design.

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