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Vaishali Badgujar
17 September 2019
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6 Top Link Building Tools for Content Marketers

If you take the word content as it relates to the digital age it’s defined as “an expression through some type of medium” like writing. The word marketing is defined as “a method of promoting, trading, or selling products and services.” Put the two words together, and you have the essence of content marketing. Think data, communication, links, the whole gamut.

Content Marketing Defined

At the end of the day, content marketing is about sharing an idea, brand, or commodity that enhances readers lives in some way. Whether it’s educative, amusing, or enlightening, the objective is to get readers to act. Hopefully, act in your favor whether it be through signing up for a newsletter, answering a survey, registering for email alerts, or checking your Facebook page.

Content marketing is tactical marketing at its best. It’s not purely technical either. Creativity and an intuitive ability to “know your target audience” are imperative. It will take just as much effort to retain your audience and turn them into cost-effective customers which is why link building tools for content marketers is so important.

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Why the Sudden Boom?

Content marketing has been around for some time. According to the treatise Infographic: A Brief History of Content Marketing from the site Contently.com, “though content marketing has catapulted in the last several years, the fundamentals of content marketing has been in existence for centuries.”

The article is a great piece and goes into depth about the history of content marketing with clear-cut infographics. It’s a good read for anyone interested in taking up the art.

So, what happened in the last few years that made content marketing boom? Studies show that roughly 90 percent of B2B marketers presently use content marketing.

The biggest reason is because of cyberspace-the information highway. In addition, mobile phones have made having access to the Internet possible whether out at a restaurant or hiking in the woods. Consuming content is a 24/7 endeavor. Online media is where most people receive their news and purchases are made with the click of a mouse.

Nowadays, the consumer, the Internet surfer, the remote worker are the experts. Businesses had to up-their-game or get left behind; hence, the need for a means of catching the attention of millions of online users via content marketing links. Check out these statistics for 2019 from Hostingfacts.com:

  • As of December 2018, there are 4.1 billion online users worldwide compared to 3.9 billion mid 2018 and approximately 3.7 billion late 2017.
  • Most users are located in Asia numbering a massive 49% of all online users. Less than the 50 percent in 2017 but more than the 48 percent mid 2018. Europe has the second largest number of Internet users with 16.8 percent.
  • China has the largest chunk of Internet enthusiasts (98 percent are mobile) with more than 802 million users counting for nearly 20 percent of the entire online global market. India comes second with 500 million users.

Why is this information important? Consider the spectrum of the audience! It’s well known that one reason why content marketing fails for many businesses is because they ignore the necessary research required to understand their target audience. In order to know what captivates your reader, you have to know something about them. For example, seeing that a huge Internet market is in Asia, it would be wise to know something about what interests that particular market.

Link building tools available to content marketers has increased considerably. There are so many choices, it will take a fair amount of time before coming to the right decision about your content marketing needs.

Fortunately, the variety of content marketing link building tools are tremendously diverse and provide a host of functions. Even  companies that provide software tools for virtual staff offer content marketing link building opportunities in one way or another.

Content marketing link building tools are not a one-size-fits-all concept but the choices are quite impressive! For example, one tool may assist with social media needs while another tool helps to allocate content or rank the productiveness of your content marketing.

Five link building content marketing toolsto check out:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is for dedicated content marketing link builders. It incorporates tools to increase search traffic, check-up on competitors, and stay-up-to-date on your chosen business  market.

To be honest, this tool is amazing. For example, it’s main feature lets you submit a URL and instantly observe inbound links. Dissimilar to other back-link overseers, Ahref has a massive link index directory and analyzes data by exceptional methods.

Other features this dynamic tool offer is the ability to view what areas of content attract the most active Internet users and notifies you when your back-link increases or when a back-link disappears.

2. Link Research Tools

LRT offers link audit and Google recovery, competitor analysis, back-link analysis, and risk monitoring. Additional touchstones include (LVT) or link velocity trend. This details the velocity of link surges to a domain.

Link Detox is another unique feature. It allows scanning of your back-links and singles out links that may cause interruption to top search engines like Google. This dynamic tool offers exclusive features like auditing websites for corrupt links. A necessity in any content marketer’s link building portfolio.

3. Buzzstream

Buzzstream is an outreach management software that can be used to execute large size cold email outreach link building campaigns. It is a tool which helps organize contacts, emails, followups, email scheduling and also tracks email opens and clicks.

One can create email templates and sequences which help speed-up and automate outreach process. Also the email history helps identify the last interaction with a person avoiding redundant emails.

4. Tweriod

Tweriod is your own little Twitter spy. This tool keeps you on the up-and-up for the best time to well, tweet. You’ll be notified when most of your followers (up to 1000) are on line. In addition, Tweriod offers tracking when the bulk of your followers mention or reply about your product and/or services.

This way you can tweet during the most active times. As Twitter is one of the top social networks for individuals and businesses, this link building tool has rightfully earned a slot as a content marketer must have.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot offers fantastic goodies. Tools like live chat, popup features, and a comprehensive WordPress plug-in help to keep your marketing tools sharp. In addition, HubSpot has a premier CMS that permits centralization to a free CRM.

Website visitors can also become leads with effective online forms. This content marketing tool offers plenty and you don’t have to be a techie in order to operate many of its features. Blogging, SEO, CTA (call to action), salesforce integration are all part of the HubSpot experience.

6. Uberflip

This dynamic content marketing tool accelerates the functionality of your website with a variety of features. It’s primarily a conglomeration of much needed tools for not only content marketing, but account based and lead generation marketing as well.

It’s great for e-books, podcasts, and keeping your blog up to scratch without the need to go to other tools for upkeep. Uberflip provides an easy path to constructing sales streams and content strategies, thereby taking your content to the next level and providing your readers with value.

The choice is broad for link building content marketing tools. Even everyday tools familiar to a broad range of Internet users like Google Docs, WordPress, Grammerly, Adobe Photoshop, and graphic sites like Canva provide have lots to offer when it comes to content marketing link building. There is plenty to choose from, just do your research and select the content marketing link building tools that suit your needs best.

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Content Marketing Bloopers!

It’s not difficult to screw up when it comes to content marketing. After gathering all the link building tools you need it’s too easy to let other tasks slip and before you know it, you’ve got one big mess. Here are the major bloopers:

  • Poor Quality: The most important objective of content marketing is to offer visitors and leads quality data. Maintaining up-to-date content in order to keep visitors returning, it is crucial to publish regularly. There’s nothing worse than visiting a blog where the only post are four to five years old. Even posting quality content once a month is better than not posting new quality content at all.
  • Blah Titles: Titles are what entice readers to click on your content. It’s the first line of communication between the reader and your product or service. Analyze your website’s data, review old titles and learn from those titles that were the most successful. This will assist you further down the line with new title ideas. What’s more, performing social media analysis can assist you with evaluating titles that are successful with your social media audience as well.
  • Not Checking Your Work: Before all those informative prose are published, don’t forget to proofread and edit. Even the most illiterate reader can comprehend bad content when they read it. Mistakes confusing the words “there” and “their” for example, is not on. Even the best sites are guilty of content mistakes; however, there’s no excuse for consistent errors. Little mistakes mean a lot when it comes to content marketing. Google’s search algorithm is always updating; therefore, publishing quality content is the best way to rank and for Internet users to find you.


Link building tools for content marketers are continuously evolving. When implemented properly, your brand awareness will become more visible and your profits will increase.

In fact, many B2B marketers are utilizing content marketing as a key component of their overall marketing strategy. This is why a well thought out link-building scheme is crucial. You already know what needs to be done. Go for it!

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