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Paola Bergamini
22 June 2022
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All about Magento: how it works, which hosting to choose and how to integrate it with MailUp

Certain technical requirements are needed for optimal Magento operation. It must also be integrated into your digital marketing activities to use the data collected on your customers on other channels. For these reasons two things are fundamental: a suitable hosting service and an effective plug-in. How? Find out out in this article!

Are you thinking of using Magento for your e-commerce but still don’t know how to do it? Not to worry. We’re here to help!

It’s well known that there are many hosting services and plug-ins for Magento and the choice is far from automatic. But follow our advice you’ll find the best solution for all your needs.

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What’s Magento and how does it work?

Magento is one of the best known CMS around and can be used to create structured sites and e-commerce.

Its main feature, however, is that it’s a real professional system to manage online stores. So it’s no surprise that most of its functions are oriented precisely towards this purpose.

Magento is more complex than WordPress or other CMS, However, if you are thinking of starting up an e-commerce, you’ll hardly find a better and more effective solution.

It’s also completely free and offers continuous support, ready to respond promptly to every customer problem.

However, proper management first requires the use of major servers and resources. That of course leads to the need to choose a hosting service suitable for the purpose.

The best hosting sites for Magento

To optimize Magento’s function at its maximum potential, it needs major resources.

So, you should opt for dedicated resources, such as a VPS server that can guarantee everything the CMS needs to work at its best.

However, this solution is much more expensive than shared ones. At least in the beginning, you can start with cheaper services and gradually work up to premium solutions.

What are the best hosting services for Magento?

A2 Hosting

This is one of the best known companies in the industry, offering some of the best hosting services available.

We’re talking about one of the most solid groups on the web, a guarantee of reliability and top level performance.

One main feature of A2 Hosting are its Turbo Servers that allow to speed up web page loading time by 20 times.

Favorable elements

  • Reliability, speed and safety.
  • 1 click setup, which allows you to install Magento (and other CMS) with just one click.
  • Ongoing support via chat, phone or email.


Considered the best hosting for Magento, this platform offers reliability, security and great efficiency.

Moreover, it guarantees excellent customer service 24 hours a day and completely in English.

One of the platform’s strengths, however, is represented by the great value for money that offers low cost subscriptions and many features for optimal web site and e-commerce management. A scalable dedicated server or cloud hosting solution should also be evaluated as a first purchase.

Favorable elements

  • Continuous assistance.
  • Safety, speed and efficiency.
  • Excellent quality/price ratio, with very advantageous offers.


This is another of the most well-known hosting services on the market, now a guarantee of security and great efficiency.

One strength of Serverplan is definitely the security package with Antivirus, Firewall, Malware Scan and everything you need to secure your data and your users’. We recommend avoiding shared solutions and starting with at least an enterprise plan. In addition, some cache systems such as Redis or software such as Elasticsearch can only be installed on Virtual Servers, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Favorable elements

  • Great attention to safety.
  • Chance to install Magento with just a few clicks.
  • Telephone and chat support 24 hours a day.


We are talking about a company specialized in hosting services that guarantees great performance and reliability

Bluehost was one of the world’s first companies to allow automatic installation of Magento, later adopted by other companies in the industry.

Powerful, reliable and secure, it is now one of the best solutions to breathe life into your e-commerce.

Favorable elements

  • Periodic automatic backups.
  • Dedicated control panel to manage every hosting function.
  • Automatic installation of Magento (and other CMS).


One of the most popular hosting sites for e-commerce in the world.

Active for over 10 years, it offers one of the best services ever with support and assistance 24 hours a day.

One of this company’s strengths is the many dedicated servers and innovative business solutions attentive to user needs.

Favorable elements

  • Dedicated assistance available at all times.
  • Great simplicity in the installation of Magento and its components.
  • Daily backups

Step 2: integrate Magento into your multi-channel marketing strategy

One of the benefits of using Magento to digitalize your business is that, thanks to this CMS, you can definitely collect useful data on site visitors and customers. Behavioral and personal data can be important, if not fundamental, to build specific targets to send targeted communications.

Why is it important to use this data?

There are two reasons:

  • the relationship with a customer or potential customer does not end when they have shown interest or purchased your product. It must be fed over time, just like a normal social relationship. Show products similar to those purchased or displayed in personalized emails to facilitate a purchase, offer promotions and discounts to those who purchased on birthdays or special occasions. These are all strategies that you can tap into only if you use data collected on Magento as a source for your email and SMS communications to your audience.
  • In today’s increasingly competitive environment, no business and company can afford to give up an omnichannel strategy. And that means treating their digital channels as communicating silos that interact, integrating and synchronizing data and activities.

How to integrate Magento into an omnichannel strategy

Moving from theory to practice, the best way to do this is to rely on a plug-in that connects Magento to your digital marketing activities.

A multi-channel marketing platform like MailUp allows you to create, send and automate email and SMS messages to customers and prospects, thus creating quality and lasting relationships with your audience. In addition, you can also synchronize Magento’s data with the platform, to create a communication strategy based on customization, segmentation of the audience and targeted content.

So, try to always rely on multi-channel marketing platforms that allow integration with Magento and other external systems and CRMs. This is the key to an effective strategy.

If you already have an active MailUp platform and are planning to create e-commerce or a site on Magento, or you have already built your site, you just need to download and configure the Magento 2 plug-in, which connects and synchronizes Magento data with MailUp.

Best use of the Magento 2 plugin with MailUp

  • Profile your customers in Magento and import them into MailUp
  • Leverage automatic synchronization of sales data to MailUp
  • Set the frequency and timing of synchronization to include or exclude customers from subsequent campaigns
  • Send those who have not completed the transaction a survey of their shopping experience or a discount coupon
  • Send those who have concluded a purchase promotional messages and targeted content about products similar to those purchased
  • Create re-engagement and abandoned cart recovery campaigns for inactive contacts to stimulate conversion
  • Optimize the performance of transactional messages (order and shipping confirmations, passwords and codes) with the SMTP+ MailUp channel utilizing it as part of your Magento e-commerce. The advantage? High deliverability and tracking through detailed statistics to the individual user, essential for planning future actions.

Discover the benefits of SMTP+: leverage speed, high deliverability, and MailUp tracking to send transactional emails from your e-commerce site. Go to the dedicated web page!


At this point you have everything you need to start work on your site or e-commerce and insert it into an omnichannel strategy.

The road to success for your virtual store is fraught with obstacles. But now that you have all the best tools on the market, you’ll be able to pull out all the stops.

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