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Paola Bergamini
21 September 2021
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Increase your subscribers with the new MailUp for WordPress plugin

Meet the new MailUp plugin designed for creating quick, easy, pre-set, and customizable registration forms that go straight into your WordPress site.

Provide your WordPress site with a contact form. This is the first move for turning occasional visitors into new list subscribers.

How? The new MailUp for WordPress plugin allows for creating a registration form for your site. It’s easy and free! But that’s not all. The plugin lets you automatically add the contacts collected through the form to your MailUp platform’s lists.

Owning a WordPress site? Looking for more contacts and subscribers to your email and SMS campaigns? This post is a beginner’s guide to reach your objectives quickly and easily with the new MailUp plugin.

Activate now the free trial to discover MailUp's potential.

From developing integrations to strategic support, from creating creative concepts to optimizing results.

Why you should start harvesting leads on WordPress

Grow a list of contacts interested in your emails: this is the first step for any Email Marketing strategy, as well as a key in complying with the following, crucial best practices:

  • create a quality database of contacts genuinely interested in receiving your communications
  • establish one-to-one communication with your audience through a direct, highly customizable channel like email
  • safeguard your deliverability by avoiding the Spam risk: target contacts who have consented to receiving your messages and, therefore, are inclined to open your emails
  • segment contacts into lists and groups to send relevant emails with a high conversion potential
  • send targeted email and SMS campaigns thanks to data collected through the registration form
  • generate more leads by sending new content, product launches, and relevant promotions to visitors who subscribe to your newsletters

All the benefits of the new MailUp plugin for WordPress

Take advantage of your WordPress site traffic to set up an Email Marketing strategy. It’s easy! First, get a free and user-friendly plugin to create a contact collection form for your site.

Based on how you want to use the form-sourced contacts, choose the plugin. Would you like to send automatic campaigns (also benefitting the potential of SMS) with no sending limits and with a high delivery capacity? Then go for a plugin embeddable in a professional sending platform, which can guarantee excellent deliverability.

The new MailUp plugin for WordPress offers an all-in-one solution: it makes contact collection easy and automatically sends newsletters and promotional campaigns to new subscribers. In particular, the new plugin lets you:

  • create highly customized forms
  • set required fields
  • preserve the quality of your database by activating a double opt-in registration system to verify the input accuracy
  • customize the form style

All these benefits come with the free trial of the platform. Enjoy it and discover all the MailUp features with no commitment!

Request the free trial, set up your MailUp account, and follow the steps described below to start harvesting new subscribers.

How to build a registration form on WordPress: the plugin guide

The MailUp plugin for WordPress lets you create WordPress registration forms in 5 easy steps:

  • Download the MailUp plugin for WordPress at this link and install it on your WordPress site
  • Design your registration form
  • Customize title, description, subscribe button, and form fields
  • Select the list and the MailUp group to cluster the subscribers
  • Add the form to different pages of your website

All you need is to activate a MailUp platform account or a free trial and connect it to your WordPress site.

For more details, please check the plugin installation page.

H2 How to send emails to contacts harvested on WordPress

Create and install a collection form on your site so that sending email and SMS campaigns to new contacts will be a breeze. In fact, WordPress subscribers will be automatically included in the contact lists that you provided while creating the form.

Just log in to the platform, select the chosen list, and create your message to start sending newsletters, DEM, or SMS to visitors converted into new subscribers.

Not sure where to start with Email Marketing? Request a free trial to discover the full potential of the email channel!

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