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Dainan Gilmore
17 May 2019
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Top 8 Marketing Trends of 2019

The behavior of online users is constantly changing – how they react to advertisements, brands, products, and how they make purchasing decisions.

Therefore, marketers are forced to look for new opportunities and ways to attract an audience with something new, to earn their trust and still be at the top.

How do top marketers plan to cope with this task in the future, and will 2019 be a year of radical changes in digital marketing? Let’s see! Find below an overview of the top 8 most effective marketing trends of 2019.

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1. Short Videos

Due to the excessive amount of video content, it becomes more difficult to watch long videos till the end, and this is an important signal for brands to change something. And short videos are the key to solving this problem.

As the statistics show, more than 89% of users watch ads for no more than 10 seconds, and more than half of users lose interest in the product after a minute of viewing an ad about it. That is why it is now recommended to make short videos lasting no longer than 10 seconds.

Thus, a person using the best vpn can access the video, regardless of his residence.

Such “movies” do not have to be very time consuming and expensive – feel free to record short videos about the company’s success or new products being launched. This will be an effective trick for the business.

2. Chatbots

The chatbots industry is on the rise; by 2020, more than 85% of all company interactions with customers will be carried out by chatbots, which will help with order takeaway, clothes selection, booking tickets, and advising customers.

The main advantage of the solution is the ability to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This increases not only customer satisfaction but also a response rating, which will favorably affect SEO and brand promotion.

Due to a lack of experience, many people do not use chatbots. However, there is no cause for concern – according to recent studies, more than 70% of customers are satisfied with the interaction with the latter.

Imagine a brand with 1,000 subscribers sends an automatic message about its new product, which costs $50. As a result, 2-3% of the leads that visited the site are converted into potential customers.

Thus, about 20 subscribers will purchase the product. Just calculate – your profit will reach the $1,000 bar. There are many free chat options, and SnatchBot is one of them.

Thus, with chatbots, you get a big profit with zero investment in marketing from your side. It sounds simple, agree?

3. Transparency and Honesty

For many years, there has been a negative halo over digital marketing: specialists were considered deceivers because of their promises, incomprehensible benefits, and unethical ways of business promotion. People are accustomed to the advertising and have learned how to “dig through” it.

If earlier it was possible to attract the attention of the audience by exaggeration, promotions, discounts, etc., this approach to advertising doesn’t work anymore. Consumers are hard to impress, and it is even harder to get them to believe the information you are trying to deliver.

An excessive amount of product information makes the buyer focus on product drawbacks and weak sides. Companies apply a policy of full transparency: they publicly acknowledge all the flaws and react to negative comments. They encourage the exchange of opinions in order to build stronger relationships with their customers and foster loyalty in them.

Peopleneed honesty and truth. That is why it is never a good idea to delete negativereviews. You should instead react to every comment and demonstrate to othersthat you are interested in making your product better. Thus, many brands beganto openly admit that their product has some flaw or is not suitable for theentire audience.

By 2020, about 30% of all actions on the Internet will be done without the “help of hands,” and 50% of search queries will be carried out using voice commands. With that in mind, brands are looking for ways to develop applications like Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

However, as these forecasts are implemented, marketers will inevitably begin to optimize content for voice search, which is very different from the traditional one. Voice queries are formulated more freely than typed ones, and their average length is about twice as long: from 1-3 words in a print search, it grows to 3-5 words in a voice search.

Not all users use voice functions yet. Surveys showed that 62% of marketers were not going to engage in the development in this direction in 2019. Some businesses do not even realize all the advantages of this trend. But this is only a temporary phenomenon. Marketing tools will be integrated with voice services: there will be many applications for voice shopping, ordering food, and receiving news.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing will be the main leader in the digital realm in 2019: about 80% of online content will be visualized. A variety of formats (reports, video blogs, interviews, discussions) will make it easy to adopt such content to almost any audience. The lack of processing and installation reduces the distance between the brand and users, and most importantly – meets the request for accuracy and authenticity.

Live broadcasts are watched three times longer than regular videos and have a greater stream of comments. This creates all the conditions for the development of broadcasts in digital marketing as well. Video materials provide marketers with the opportunity not only to demonstrate the product but also to entertain the client. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use simple apps to make your videos more interesting and attractive.

6. Focus on Content and not on Advertising

In2015, Nielsen published the results of a survey that showed that most peopletrust:

  • People they know
  • Official brand sites
  • Editorial materials (articles, reviews).

In 2018, the importance of content for online marketing was quite clear. In 2019, it is expected that people’s confidence in it will grow even more, pushing ordinary advertising aside. The more interesting and informative the content will be, the higher the chance that users will pay attention to you.

Factsproving that the content continues to be on the top:

  • Constant work in this direction increases traffic by five times
  • 80% of users prefer high-quality content to other data
  • 85% of marketers in 2017 attributed their success to their work with content
  • Visual content will gradually become more relevant than blogs and articles.

Theseall demonstrate that it is time to be even more content-focused.

7. RTB

RTB is also known as real-time bidding for the purchase and sale of ad impressions at auctions. Auction advertising purchase will continue to develop in 2019. By 2026, the programmatic market will grow threefold to $90 billion.

In the future, this process will cover TV, streaming channels, and so on. Working in this way, companies will use data and technology to make advertising decisions more clear, fast, and straight-forward.

rtb offering 2019

Most banners and video ads worldwide are sold through automated advertising systems – programmatic platforms. Advertising has been previously shown without taking into account the characteristics of the audience, but now programmatic platforms collect audience data and help sell customer-oriented advertising. The purchase of advertising space is gradually becoming more efficient and evolving into the purchase of a relevant audience.

Businessowners will realize that their customers are not sitting in front of a singleadvertisement or on a single platform. In addition, companies will be able towork with one person responsible for this task instead of a number ofcontractors. This struggle goes beyond the Internet and is transferred,including television, where such giants as Amazon or Sky spend millions ofdollars on development in this area.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is part of artificial intelligence methods, a characteristic feature of which is not a direct solution to the problem but learning in the process of applying solutions to a multitude of similar tasks. Decisions made by AI require minimal human intervention.

According to Forbes, about 84% of marketing firms have introduced or are introducing artificial intelligence into their work. In addition, the publication adds that 75% of organizations that use machine learning, noted an increase in more than 10% user satisfaction.

This trend offers ample opportunities for marketers, making it easier for them to measure ROI, making it more accurate. With this tool, companies will be able to better respond and solve marketing problems and sales funnels. For example, the solution will offer you options for working with content that will help you complete your tasks. AI will gradually take on time-consuming tasks: analysis of advertising campaigns, bidding, selection of keywords. It will also help you to work with data from the CMS and make decisions in real time. So the only thing a marketer will need to do is to monitor the work.

Final Say!

Soif you want to reach the leading positions in your niche, then it is time foryou to be sensitive to all the marketing trends. follow up them – and you willdefinitely see impressive results in the future!

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