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Alessandra Sessa
10 April 2018
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New! Improved RSS Automation, Multichannel Forms, and Customization Preview

We’ve created a new system for fine-tuning automated emails based on RSS feeds and have brought the customization area to a more advanced level. And that’s not all: now you can create multi-channel subscription pop-ups in less than a minute.

After months of research and development, we are pleased to present the new version of the platform enriched with functional tools and areas.

At the beginning of the year we focused on A/B tests and videos in emails; today we are delighted to present the fruit of months of work focused on three main functional areas:

  • Automation
    To make it even easier to automate emails based on RSS feeds.
  • Database building
    Collect new contacts from your site’s pages thanks to multi-channel subscription pop-ups.
  • Customization
    Manage dynamic content in the simplest and most immediate way possible, generating previews of emails for individual recipients or groups.
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Now that we’ve presented these great new aspects of MailUp, let’s go into more detail to show you their real advantages.

Send automatic emails based on RSS feeds: all it takes is a few clicks

We have redesigned the entire area dedicated to RSS feeds and related automatic emails: a key section for forwarding info about updates to your site or blog in a timely and automatic way.

Managing this activity is now immediateintuitive, and offers the highest level of control. There are two new features that let you:

  • Create the content source
    Just name the source and enter the URL of the RSS or ATOM feed, define the source’s update frequency, and choose whether or not to replace the existing content.
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  • Set up automatic emails
    Just bring up the previously created source, enter the subject of the email and the amount of content to show, and lastly choose the predefined or customized graphic template.
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The result? The best possible user experience managing automatic emails related to RSS feeds.  Communicating updates to your site or blog to your recipients couldn’t be easier (how you want and when you want). Find the new area by clicking on the left menu: Automation > Content > Sources.

Small spoiler: in the coming months we will also offer the ability to choose from other types of source (file upload, APIZapier) and other ways to use the content (including the newsletter created with the BEE editor).

New subscription pop-up forms – ready-to-use and multichannel

As you know, database building – that set of activities for adding new contacts to recipient lists and keeping them clean – is a strategic theme we have discussed at length from both a functional point of view and in relation to training resources in blog.

We have introduced a new tool on the platform: a system for creating pop-up subscription forms.

In addition to being ready for use – you don’t even need simple drag & drop operations to make them – the new pop-ups are multi-channel: just check the box to automatically insert the email or SMS field (or both).

Here’s another small spoiler: in the coming months we will include additional subscription channels, for example messaging apps; we’ll tell you about their integrations with MailUp as soon as we have all the info.

Go there from Pages Subscription forms > Pop-up forms: the new feature is immediate and intuitive. In just a few clicks you can define:

  • The pop-up’s style, depending on the dominant color on the page that will host it
  • Position
  • Language
  • Header (such as in the example below, Receive discounts and promotions)
  • Subscription channels
  • Link to the privacy policy

Once the pop-up has been created, you can get the code to add to the siteblog, or any other type of page (after checking its preview of course).

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Advanced customization: everything is easier with the preview feature for single recipients

This is a fundamental feature for those who rely on dynamic content to send customized emails with recipients’ personal details, preferences, and behaviors, such as e-commerce sites.

Starting today, MailUp offers the chance to generate an advanced preview which shows you how the email will be displayed for:

  • single recipient simply by selecting his or her email address
  • category of recipients, by selecting an existing group or filter (to see for example how the email will look in men’s or women’s inboxes).
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Give MailUp a go

Thanks to the features and tools we constantly invest on with research and experimentation, with MailUp you can do this and much more.

Haven’t tried MailUp yet? This could be the perfect moment. Ask for a free trial of the platform to try all its features for free for 30 days.

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