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Andrea Serventi
15 June 2017
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MailUp and Passendo: a new email advertising integration

Now you can transform your email and newsletter traffic into a new and profitable source of income.

We’ve added a new category to our integrations libraryemail advertising, which joins the other systems (CMS, CRM, e-commerce, list building, personalization) you can use to create a digital marketing ecosystem.

A few weeks ago we introduced the Vtiger and PieSync integrations, and today it’s Passendo’s turn. The focus here is not on syncing contacts but transforming your newsletters into a new and profitable source of income.

The system we’re introducing is email advertising, a form of digital marketing that uses email communication to place ads. This key subject was recently discussed in one of our ebooks, which explored its internal characteristics and dynamics: with the decline of printed paper, the web is increasingly becoming the main platform for advertising, and email, a medium with a massive potential, is one of the principal vehicles of digital advertising.

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For many organizations this is already a reality: email advertising is the natural evolution of the relationship between media, advertising and digital marketing, and translates into a fundamental source of income. In the newspaper and periodical publishing sector, for example, email advertising contributes to generating over 20% of total revenue. This is the background. Now all that remains is to shed light on the potential of the new integration.

What is Passendo?

Passendo is a programmatic email advertising network that offers companies an opportunity to buy advertising spaces in emails and newsletters thanks to new marketing functions and a wide network of email publishers.

By making the publication of targeted ads in emails simple and immediate – as occurs in the display world – Passendo enables companies to convert outgoing email traffic into a source of income.

But what does programmatic mean? It is a method of purchasing online advertising space in real time, using automated technological platforms that allow buyers (agencies and advertisers) to communicate with sellers (dealers and publishers). Brands that activate programmatic advertising campaigns can also exclusively reach contacts who match the selected target audience, identifiable based on their browsing profiles and user data.

The benefits of the MailUp-Passendo integration

Programmatic advertising offers a greater degree of control of ads in emails, whether they are newsletters, Marketing Automation campaigns or other email categories. Briefly here are some of the distinctive features of Passendo that highlight its benefits compared to the more conventional email advertising methods:

Pay at send → Pay per view

Limited targeting functions → Real time targeting

Non scalable → Scalable

Payment for non-displayed impressions → No wasted impression
(The term impression refers to the number of times an ad is displayed, regardless of clicks on the ad itself).

No targeting of cookies → Passendo / MD5 Hash

Thanks to the new certification, Passendo can be easily integrated with email campaigns created using the MailUp platform. A connector which will turn out to be fundamental for:

  • Managing advertising campaigns you have sold directly;
  • Monetizing all your email campaigns on a single platform;
  • Ensuring that your advertisers pay only according to the emails that are actually opened.

The new integration allows all your display ad campaigns, in every newsletter, to be managed with a single, simple platform, while ensuring that your advertisers pay only for your most active users – the ones who open the emails. You can offer them optimization and targeting functions already used in display ads (e.g. the opportunity to recontact subscribers and suggest products based on recent purchases).

MailUp = email marketing + email advertising

The new integration allows email marketing and email advertising activities to be managed on a single platform, optimizing and syncing all the activities.

To get hold of the integration, simply access MailUp and go to Configurations Platform management Integrations, where you’ll find the dynamic catalogue with all the key information on the available integrations and the opportunity to acquire the connectors.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can request a free 30-day trial of the platform to test the combined potential of MailUp and Passendo.

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Andrea Serventi

I was born in 1986 in Milan, where I graduated in Modern Literature and started writing for online newspapers, magazines and TV news programs. Having now converted to marketing and the digital world, I am a Content Editor at MailUp: I read, listen, collect ideas, and write about what email marketing is and how to use it strategically.

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