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Paola Bergamini
13 May 2021
Reading time: 6 min.

MailUp keeps on improving: here’s all the platform news from the past months

The MailUp platform never ceases to offer its users an ever wider range of opportunities. Let’s check out all the news from the first quarter of 2021.

The first four months of 2021 brought a breath of fresh air to MailUp.

Constant improvement on the platform never stopped, along with our commitment to always guarantee the best for our users. So we’ve tried to optimize MailUp’s potential at 360 degrees, enriching the three great pillars of every digital strategy with new features:

  • landing page
  • email
  • SMS

In a nutshell, let’s review early 2021 and find out what’s on the new platform.

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Landing page: the registration form, preview features, and new templates

Landing pages gives each email and SMS campaign an in-depth web page. Here, the recipient’s possible actions are delimited and circumscribed with the goal of incentivizing a conversion.

We’ve already outlined how easy and intuitive it is to create an effective landing page with MailUp and insert it into your Email and SMS Marketing strategies. Starting today, let’s now add more pieces to this picture and find out what new elements you can insert into your landing pages.

Add registration forms to your landing pages

We’ve been cultivating a strategic theme through blog posts, webinars, and ebooks. In all this, database building is key for us. This involves all the activities aimed at maintaining recipient lists.

To the various contact collection channels on the platform (customizable registration forms, multichannel registration pop-ups, offline contact collection forms, and Facebook registration forms), there is now a way to collect new subscribers directly from your landing pages.

Start taking advantage of this new feature by simply following the Database Building > Landing Page > New Landing Page path. Once you enter the editor for creating your landing page, click on the content Form and drag it into the body of the page:

image 78 1024x640 3 768x346 1

Once completed, you’ll already have the “Email” field, the Privacy Policy consent, and the CTA registration. Thanks to the Editor Content Properties menu, you can then start customizing your form through a series of options:

  • delete or modify one of the fields entered by default (except for the “DefaultLista” and “DefaultGruppoIscritti” fields. These are not visible in the form but are essential for registering recipients on the MailUp list. The landing page was created for registering them in a new group to find them more easily.
  • change the label of the fields (e.g. from “Name” to “What’s your name?”)
  • arrange the fields according to your preference
  • add a new master field by selecting Add new field
  • change the CTA registration’s color and text
  • adjust the form’s width
form landing pages 689x1024 1

These simple operations let you collect new subscribers directly from your landing pages. Connect them to your site or share them on social media, adding a new acquisition channel to your database building activities.

Optimize your mobile landing pages and control the display with the preview function

Using the drag&drop editor integrated with the MailUp platform automates the creation of landing pages already optimized for mobile.

The new Hide on feature lets you customize the landing page design even more. Here, and for emails, choose which page content to hide on mobile devices or on desktops to avoid display problems.

You can now take advantage of the Preview function to check that your landing page design meets your needs and fits both mobile and desktop. This way, you get to preview the landing page without having to exit the editor. 

image 80 1024x483 1 1000x472 1

New templates to simplify your work

A new catalog of templates is here to simplify the work of creating a landing page without giving up a creative and effective design. It’s on the platform, where you can draw inspiration for your pages.

Consult the catalog and choose the template that’s right for you by following the Database building > Landing page path. Click on New landing page and select the template you prefer.

image 81 1024x557 1 1000x544 1

Email: New emoji sets and foolproof dynamic fields

MailUp’s latest on email mainly focused on two fundamental aspects to optimize the effectiveness of messages: creativity and personalizationNew emoji sets for the subject line and an alert tool for dynamic fields make this possible.

Use new emoji sets to increase the effectiveness of your subject line

Email subject lines are still one of the most important factors that get recipients to open messages in their inbox (for about 48% of users). There’s also been ample evidence on how emojis can make a subject line even more effective. It’s no coincidence that emoji use grows by 775% every year. 

This is why MailUp has introduced new emoji sets that can be included in the subject line of messages directly in the message’s Summary tab.

emoji nuove 1000x618 1

You can’t go wrong with Dynamic Field Alerts

The dynamic field is what lets you create particular “placeholder” codes. These are automatically replaced at the sending time by data on each recipient. This is a key element that can’t be left out of any company’s email personalization activities. Just think of those in the world of services (for confirming appointment locations and visiting hours, etc.) or of the commercial ones (for communicating purchase codes, product collection dates, and so on).

Inserting them into an email is easy. However, it’s still possible to run into errors when using this tool. To eliminate any margin of error, MailUp has introduced an alert to report any errors and oversights when inputting the dynamic field.

Optimized content with BEE news

In February, we detailed the new features of the drag&drop BEE editor that’s integrated into the MailUp platform:

  • new GIF and sticker sets to make emails even more creative and dynamic
  • title tags (H1, H2, and H3) to optimize the hierarchy of text content
  • letter spacing to space characters and make titles more readable

Thanks to these innovations, you’ll be able to experiment with new design solutions for your emails and improve the accessibility and structure of your text content. All this, with the simplicity and intuitiveness that have always characterized the BEE editor.

SMS: custom sender name and concatenation of up to 10 messages

In March, MailUp news focused on the SMS world. This gave us the chance to enrich this channel’s potential and offer greater freedom of personalization.

Personalize your SMS campaigns with Alias

The first big news marked a key step in personalizing MailUp customers’ SMS campaigns. With the introduction of Alias, MailUp has made it possible to replace the sender’s telephone number with a customized text sender of up to 11 characters.

In Email Marketing, the sender has a key role in the SMS channel in terms of reputation, reliability, brand identity, and, above all, more personalization. In fact, it lets those who receive your messages recognize you. Your identity is an element that makes dialogue with the user more personal and intimate. 

For recipients with an Italian area code, each mailing must comply with the rules established by Agcom. MailUp ensures its customers the complete management of the registration and authorization process of the textual sender. This is a mandatory step for mailings on Italian territory, which only a professional and certified sending platform such as MailUp can guarantee.

3 to 10 concatenated SMS texts to expand the length constraints

The second big news for the SMS channel concerns message length.

By bringing the number of messages that can be chained from 3 to 10, MailUp has eliminated any restriction in the number of characters that can be used for SMS campaigns. This, considering the maximum limit is now set at 1,530 characters.

From now on, you’ll no longer have to worry about condensing all the information into a reduced and often difficult limit. You can also take advantage of the SMS channel, even for longer and more detailed communications.

Experience the new platform features

Here you go with all the latest MailUp news. All you have to do is put them into practice on your email and SMS campaigns.

If, on the other hand, you haven’t tried out the potential of MailUp, then don’t delay. These innovations are just waiting to be experienced! Request a free trial without obligation. We’ll guide you in discovering the platform’s many features (old and new).

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