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Paola Bergamini
8 July 2021
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The top 5 Email Marketing campaigns to celebrate Pride Month

Many brands have unleashed all of their creativity to celebrate Pride Month, which has just ended. Here, we commemorate this annual occurrence by presenting the top 5 Email Marketing campaigns. Check out our ranking!

UPDATE: We’ve updated our top 5 Email Marketing Pride campaigns! Here’s the list of our winners for 2022

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Every year, at the start of June, city posters, brand logos, product packaging, and even companies’ Email Marketing campaigns go rainbow. This recurring tribute has gained relevance and turned into an important opportunity. It disseminates the urgent need for greater equality, while also allowing companies to make their brand reputation shine with initiatives and messages in favor of this good cause.

So also this year, Pride-themed campaigns stood out for their most different aspects, including social impact and originality. Let’s check out a selection of the top 5 email campaigns that paid tribute to Pride Month.

What’s Pride Month?

Let’s start with the basics. What’s Pride Month? Not by chance, it’s in June. This commemorates an historical event that became a symbol of homosexual discrimination: on the night between June 27 and 28, 1969, the New York police raided a well-known bar, The Stonewall Inn, which was frequented by homosexuals. This triggered the riots that followed.

Today, Pride Month means an opportunity to promote initiatives and raise public awareness on issues of equality, tolerance, equal rights, and the struggle against sexual orientation discrimination. 

Why do we celebrate Pride Month?

This annual celebration calls for a social and political debate on the need for breaking down the behavioral, linguistic, and regulatory limits and barriers which, unfortunately, we still bear. There’s an analogy with the argument of the gender gap, which we’ve discussed. It may seem that certain preconceptions and ideas have been abandoned. However, if one looks at data and concrete facts, disparities still exist.

According to the latest analysis by the Pew Research Centerthe degree of acceptance of non-heterosexual orientations differs greatly from nation to nation:

image 34 398x1024 1

The research also confirms that nations with a better quality of life, younger generations, and women tend to accept homosexuality more.

The Italian scenario, though, show disappointing data with no significant change over the past years. Only 75% of people think that homosexuality should be accepted: this is the lowest figure in all of Western Europe. 

The role of Pride Month in marketing

“Today, people should love not just what you offer, but who you are. The mere offer of an excellent ice cream isn’t enough.” 

Hanneke Faber, President of Food & Refreshment at Unilever


Now, what’s the role of this celebration in the digital world? Today 79% of customers (mainly Gen Z and Millennials) have reoriented their purchasing choices and preferences in order to reward social responsibility, inclusiveness, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, participating in an anniversary like Pride becomes an opportunity for brands to:

  • Consolidate their reputation;
  • Encourage taking on new audiences;
  • Expand their community, and
  • Do real-time marketing and participate in current topics.

The top 5 campaigns to celebrate Pride Month

1. A welcome email by Show & Tell

image 35 581x1024 1

Why we like it:

In this email, Show & Tell rides the wave of inclusiveness just by selecting an image. It recalls the concept of coexistence of diversity without explicitly referencing the subject. In addition, standing up for this issue with a welcome email and making any person feel welcomed and liked is a winning and extremely effective strategy.

2. The Trevor Project’s newsletter

image 3 336x1024 1

Why we like it:

This email by The Trevor Project is an excellent example of a non-profit campaign. It leverages copy, mission, purpose, and values of both the brand and the initiative. The final conversion (a donation, in this case) is almost overshadowed. Its pull logic is very persuasive. 

3. The design by Peloton

image 36 266x1024 1

Why we like it:

Peloton celebrated Pride Month by creating a campaign with a customized design and a hashtag. These are clean and simple, yet impressive at the same time. The heading with the hashtag and the final invitation to join the conversation on social media networks represent an excellent strategy. This expands the campaign and brings the dialogue from the email channel to further platforms, helping strengthen the community bond.

4. The slogan by Everlane

proud loud 100 human 2 167x1024 1

Why we like it:

This Everlane campaign has it all: images that highlight the product while, at the same time, suggesting the idea of inclusiveness: a slogan which is simple yet effective (“100% Proud. 100% Human”); a neat design, and a full-on Pride-themed, rainbow-colored CTA. 

5. The creativity of Beauty Bay

image 4 474x1024 1

Why we like it:

This is exactly the type of email you’d expect from a Beauty and Personal Care brand for celebrating Pride Month: pop colors, extravagant fonts, a perfectly fitting CTA, and a testimonial that fully represents the idea of freedom of expression. Notwithstanding, Beauty Bay goes further. It encourages a conversion through an admirable initiative of social engagement and charity.


These were the 5 email marketing campaigns with a Pride Month theme that really impressed us, each for a different strength. Treasure these ideas and get inspired to join the party!

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