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Pragati Suman
9 April 2019
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Seven Instructions to Enhance your Sales Emails

Email marketing stands out as the greatest driver of customer retention, according to 80% of the retail professionals interviewed. Let us dive right into the sales email enhancement tricks.

Everyone seems to be okay with throwing money at Adwords as a Growth hack for E-Commerce websites. Have you tried Email Marketing before you start spending on ads? Done right, email marketing is one of the best approaches for increasing your online sales numbers.

According to an infograph published on Wordstream.com, Email is the third most influential information source for the B2B audiences. Email marketing stands out as the greatest driver of customer retention, according to 80% of the retail professionals interviewed.  This information shows that despite the emergence of alternative communication channels, email is king. With the marketing industry saturated with marketing clutter, email is the largest driver of ROI for B2B campaigns and B2C marketing.

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This is definitely good news to any business that wants to get started with email marketing to increase sales numbers. However, it is not just a matter of composing an email and sending it out for the sales numbers to start increasing.  There is so much to do to start achieving successful email marketing.

So, how can businesses leverage email marketing as a growth hack strategy?  In this article, you will learn some of the strategies for enhancing your sales emails. Let us dive right into the sales email enhancement tricks.

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1. Send Personalized Content

Personalization is an invaluable strategy in email marketing. It is the secret to getting a high number of emails opened.  So how do you deliver personalized content? Personalization is not just about writing “this is for you Ann!” Instead, think of personalization as understanding what Ann likes and delivering it right into Ann’s inbox. Marketers have abundant data readily available but they fail to make use of this data to deliver personalized sales emails. Here is a guide on how to personalize your sales emails.

  • Study your Prospects Before Composing the Email- You can stalk your prospects on social media to find something that will trigger them to read the email. For instance, you can check their recent tweets or Instagram posts.
  • Build Prospects Personas– a prospect persona is built using different data sets. You can also group the prospects together based on the attributes they share.  This is effective when sending mass email campaigns.
  • Ask the Right Question– you can ask the customer their reason for subscribing to your email notifications or why they became a user of your products. This gives you an insight leading your business to send incredibly targeted emails.
  • Make use of Targeting Strategies like Time and Location– certain times of day might be the best for sending an email. The location also matters when it comes to personalizing your sales emails. Your customers might be anywhere across the globe and it is important you personalize the message to fit their location attributes.

Those are just examples of how to personalize your sales emails. The approach might vary depending on various aspects like industry and customer behavior.

2. Send Introductory Videos in Prospecting Emails

When freshly reaching out to a prospect, a personalized video content helps you to stand out and be noticed. Successful marketers say that the best time to spice up that prospecting email with video is when you are cold prospecting, sending a follow-up email or when using the account-based sales approach. Notice that by adding a video to the sales email, you are purely after capturing the attention of the prospect. For repeat customers, a video on sales email serves to establish credibility and personalizing the experience. When trying to build an existing relation through sales emails, make sure you share marketing content. The advantages of using video on sales emails include Video is more interesting, visual; it is more human and leaves a lasting impression.

3. Make Sure You Keep in Touch without Overloading the Readers

When using email for sales, it is necessary you keep in touch with your prospects.  Ideally, contact them regularly but do not over do it. Aim at providing some value with every interaction. This might sound simple, but it takes using the right tools and determining the right intention. You can make use of intelligent reminders found on your emailing software. Email automation ensures you do not fall behind when keeping in touch with the existing customers.

A mistake that marketers are likely to make is sending so many emails and ending up overloading the readers. In an ideal situation, a customer chooses the frequency for receiving email updates. When such a rule applies, make sure your marketing department adheres to the rule. When customers receive too many emails in a day, it feels like noise to them and they are likely to opt out. Include the option for editing the email frequency with every email you send to your audience. This allows the customer to feel in control of their inbox. The ultimate reward is that you get more emails read since the customer is in control.

4. Invest in your Email Subject Line

Learn how to create a catchy email subject line. The email subject line compares to the headline of the blog. It determines whether the recipient marks the email as read, deletes it, archives the email, or reads the email. Avoid those gimmicks and tricks since they are likely to get you into the blacklist. To most people, the email headlines with gimmicks or tricks erode trust and can hurt your reputation.

To come up with a catchy email headline, trythe following tricks:

  • Use a familiar senders name
  • Use personalization at its best
  • Avoid making false promises
  • Mention a value proposition
  • Make sure the headline is timely
  • Use concise language
  • Make the recipient feel special.

Remember that the importance of a headline is to attract the attention of the targeted readers. Therefore, make it as interesting as you are able to.


5. Keep the Email Short and Sweet

Avoid wasting your recipient’s time. The best approach is by sending short and clear messaging. Remember that people are already drowning in emails. a 2017 report indicated that about 269 billion emails were projected to be sent on a daily basis that year. The report predicts that by 2021, over 300 billion emails will be sent daily. This is many emails targeted to the same number of consumers. What is the likelihood that your email will be read? To get your emails read, make sure you send straight to the point facts.  Do not make it hard for the customer to figure out what message is in your email. This starts right from your subject line where you have to make it short and concise.

6. Be Clear About the Call To Action

The point of sending a sales email is to get a response from the target customer. A clear call to action (CTA) will get the customer to click on your email. Examples of CTA include Read the eBook now, Start your Free Trial, Register Now, Get a 50%  Discount and many others. When crafting a call to action for your email campaign, use striking and actionable text that will draw the attention of the reader. In addition, make sure the CTA is in a large box with clear text that is legible. The CTA also needs to be as short as possible and seem like a no-brainer action. With every CTA, create urgency and make sure you use bright colors. In addition, consider adding the CTA on the top part of your email.

7. Choose the Right Email Marketing Platform for your Sales Emails

Today, there are dozens of email applications. Choosing an email marketing platform can become a daunting task. However, for a sales and marketing representative who understands what he wants, it is an easy task. Avoid using the old fashioned email platforms that no longer cut the mustard. In the modern competitive world, you want an application that is more efficient and empowering. Therefore, consider an application that offers the following:

  • Integration: For digital marketers, customer relationship management application is a great companion. You want auto-updating platforms that allow you to auto-send sales emails.
  • Response Handling Feature: Email response handling is a vital feature when choosing an emailing platform. Ensure that the platform you are using offers less sophistication regarding automation as well as response handling.
  • Reading and Viewing Options—Mobile optimization is necessary today. Fewer people open their emails from the desktop, as most people prefer checking emails while chasing business deals.

To enjoy epic success with email marketing,make sure you pick the right platform for sending your sales campaigns.

Are you sending sales emails and finding noresponses to them? Try the above growth hacks to enhance your sales emails.

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