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Paola Bergamini
16 May 2022
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MailUp’s 2022 Statistical Observatory is online: a year of Email Marketing

Our annual appointment with an analysis of the previous year’s email campaigning is back: this time we take stock of the performance of Email Marketing not only in the post-Covid scenario, but also (and above all) in twenty years of MailUp history. Here are our key insights.

MailUp’s 2022 Statistical Observatory is finally here!

The annual analysis on email channel performance could not miss in the year MailUp’s twentieth birthday. This time the study helped to take stock of companies’ Email Marketing and the evolution of results and market trends throughout the MailUp platform’s twenty years.

For this special year, we studied:

  • the main metrics of Email Marketing in a complete overview of 2021
  • the distribution of items throughout the year
  • the results obtained by DEM, newsletters and transactional emails in each sector 
  • the trend of the 50 sectors of our customers basin’s merchandise
  • e-commerce performance 

The report also put specific focus on the impact of Apple’s Privacy Protection, certainly an important event for the world of Email Marketing.

So let’s take a look at the key report’s insights that you can download for free at this link.

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The State of Email Marketing: comparing 2021 and 2020

The global comparison between 2021 and 2020 first show two positive trends:

  1. an increase in send volumes from 14 billion in 2021 to 15 billion in 2021
  2. a delivery rate that reached 99%, demonstrating MailUp’s work to ensure excellent security standards and performance

Regarding Email Marketing metrics (i.e., opens, clicks and clicks on opens), on one hand there was a predictable increase in unique open rates (+1.2 percentage points), partly due to the non-real opens introduced by Apple updates (as mentioned above in our focus on the Apple phenomenon). On the other hand, a slight drop in click-and-click open rates (respectively – 0.1 and – 1.9 percentage points), probably due to the increase in recipients’ inbox messages and the greater difficulty in gaining user attention.

How to interpret the results of Email Marketing 2021: 3 key insights

The 2022 Statistical Observatory was not limited to the 2021 overview and comparison with 2020. From the performance of emails by message type and sector, the distribution of messages over the 12 months of the year, up to goods and e-commerce sector performances: a great deal of evidence was collected were many, that can be summarized in 3 key insights:

  1. the Email Marketing phenomenon can no longer be considered the result of a Covid emergency-linked need. Email channels are in continuous growth and now a fundamental tool for companies’ communication and marketing strategies.
  2. this email channel boom makes Email Marketing increasingly complex and competitive. We still have a long way to go towards optimizing email messages relevance and there is a good margin for improvement in terms of clicks and recipient interaction.
  3. companies’ Email Marketing is becoming even more intense in the months linked to the most profitable sales opportunities, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. November confirms the key month for number of sends, followed by October and July.

The trend of product sectors, e-commerce and sectors

The 2022 Statistical Observatory was also validated as a document that gives companies a valuable insight into their competitors’ choices and performance. What information is more useful than the best and worst performing sectors and sectors?

From this point of view, the study found unexpected newcomers among the best performers. This was further confirmation of a crisis still existing in the sectors that suffered most from the Covid emergency.

To identify names, data and results, download the 2022 edition of the Statistical Observatory of MailUp for freeClick here to discover the market’s choices and winning trends.

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