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Beatrice Jepkazi
23 May 2019
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Guide to Creating Engaging Video Marketing Content

Video marketing is taking social media marketing platform by storm. Many individuals watch more than 90 million hours of videos on Facebook.

YouTube is offering the most significant platform to view more than 4.9 trillion videos each day. People spent the most time watching multiple videos on Snapchat and Instagram.

Videos provide a chance to communicate your brand, demonstrate your product and connect with your clients efficiently and powerfully.

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Videos are tremendously becoming popular in social media especially with mobile users. What you only require to create a good video is resourcesequipment, and video editing skills.

The tools and resources are very accessible to enable you to record high-quality videos in the palm of your hand.

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Video content marketing was a few years ago unrecognizable tool in the marketing industry. Currently, it is at the top of content marketing that many influences and brands utilize it.

However, the barrier in developing quality video content that clearly resonates with the audience is still a significant challenge. The following is a guide on how to create an engaging video content marketing that will generate more leads.

1. Put down the main ideas

The first approach is to brainstorm ideas that are crucial for your videos. The first way to create a concept is by looking at top blog posts. Check on the blog posts that compliment with your audience. You can as well use Google Analytics to search for top posts. From Google Analytics, go to behaviors, click site content. It will land to all pages. From the page, you will have millions of content ideas for your videos.

Additionally, you can choose your favorite date either in the past one month, quarter or even a year. Second, study the highly shared content. Many times, top blog posts are mostly shared. Use tools that will enable you to find the content that is most shared.

Moreover, you can find a topic that is also mostly shared. Third, check out the top videos from the same brands. In social media, you can see various contents that are popular in recent moments. For instance, in Facebook Pages, you can check popular posts from your favorite or same Facebook Pages.

2. Make a plan by writing a script or developing a storyboard

After brainstorming all content ideas and you have identified one that best suits you, the next step is to plan for it. The two crucial ways of preparing for a video are by writing a script or developing a storyboard. Both enable you to think how the entire content will flow and also give you a chance to add essential aspects in the video.

storyboard, for instance, assists you to visualize how a shot will look like before you proceed to the next step of recording. Planning involves various things. Ensure that you capture attention from the beginning. Videos mainly auto play in multiple social media platforms.

Ensure that you attract the attention of the audience in the first few seconds. To achieve that, you should start with most captivating moments and incorporates a message to your brand. Additionally, use a captivating caption in your post.

Additionally, keep your message as simple as possible. Many social media platforms encourage you to answer a question, “What is a top essential message that I want to deliver in the video?” Another vital thing is to design a sound off or on. It is no doubt that many individuals watch videos everywhere either at work or at home or while travelling.

More often they do not require sound, and that is the reason why many mobile videos tend to play without music. You need to add text or captions that will tell your story visually even if the sound is off. Lastly is experimenting with size. About 50 percent of videos are mainly played through mobile phones. Vertical and square videos tend to occupy more screen space than landscape videos when a user held a mobile phone vertically.

3. Recording your videos

The fun part of creating engaging video content is through recording. Thanks to the latest technology, you can develop engaging, HD videos using simple tools so long as you have mastered a few tricks. You do not need expensive video equipment to record videos.

A smartphone is a powerful tool that you can use it. Most smartphones currently can record videos of high quality with exemplary visual and audio. Find a quiet location before you start recording your video. There are many other tools that you can employ to enhance your video sound quality.

Moreover, ensure that you record your videos where there is good natural lighting. While recording video, ensure that you face the source of light so that it can spread evenly across your face. Beautiful background in your video is a great option that encourages viewers to focus on the content without being distracted by other things in the environment. You can as well create an excellent background for yourself.

4. Editing your videos

Editing your videos is an essential step in making your video engaging. It is a time to put them together to create a general video that will deliver a message to the larger audience.  There are millions of editing tools in the markets. More often it becomes hard for one to select the right app.

There are the short list of the most popular video editors:

As for me, my favorite video editing tool is the first one. It is asimple to use and powerful video processing program and an ideal option forbeginners and intermediate users. Although it is not a free program, it has afree tutorial for beginners that last for seven days.

5. Share your videos online

Finally, you can share your videos after editing them to perfection. There are multiple ways to share videos on social media platforms. The best way is to schedule the best time of sharing them. Additionally, you can share them all at once from a single place. With correct sharing tools, you can easily upload your video content directly to your social media accounts.

The practical way of making an emotional connection to your audient is narrating relevant and exciting stories that highlight the value and benefits of your brand.

You can make your storyline funny, sad, or entertaining as long as you maintain the primary objective of drawing the attention of viewers. Ensure that your video has a captivating beginninginteresting middle line, and an excellent ending that the audience can relate to your services or products.  Above all, make it short.

Creating professional videos can be intimidating for many people. To avoid some many questions about what you should include in the video, how long should the video be, what kind of music to use, the above tips and ideas will provide you answers and inspirations to your questions.

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