MailUp vs Mailchimp

Which is better: MailUp or Mailchimp?
With MailUp you can send unlimited emails to all the contacts you want.
With Mailchimp you pay based on the number of emails you send and the number of contacts you want to reach.

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MailUp vs Mailchimp: Characteristics

Mailchimp is known for its low costs, but in reality, the more contacts you have, the more you pay.
With MailUp you have unlimited emails and contacts at the same price.
Compare the mid-level edition and budget of the two companies:

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Standard Plan of Mailchimp

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing



free and unlimited

Fee-based and limited

Messaging Apps
Messaging Apps is the platform channel that allows you to create and send campaigns on Facebook, Messenger and Telegram.

up to 50 subscribers

Server localization

European Union


Advanced segmentation
Segmentation means distinguishing, within a database, clusters of different contacts, which provides precise targets to send tailored campaigns. Different criteria - biographical, geographical, and behavioral - can be used to create these clusters. MailUp provides 3 tools that allow you to create advanced database segment: lists, groups and filters.

BEE Flexible Editor

Triggered messages

Advanced statistical reports

API integrations
APIs are procedures that allow two applications to digitalize and exchange data. APIs, like integrations, allow you to expand platform functionality and synchronize it with external databases, CRM, CMS, e-commerce and any other external application.
APIs act as an intermediary between an application and the Web server, processing the transfer of data between the two systems. So-called APIs allow this intercommunication, allowing a system to request and obtain data to the other system by making the so-called API call.

36 MLN calls/year

Email support

Phone support

Services and Consulting


MailUp vs Mailchimp: price and packages comparison

With MailUp you pay only according to sending speed: neither database size nor the number of mailings affect the final price.
Compare the monthly price of the two platforms, with the same number of mailings and contacts.
(Prices of Mailchimp as of 01/03/2022 from

Available items Starter Edition of MailUp Essentials Plan of Mailchimp Plus Edition of MailUp Standard Plan of Mailchimp

1 email/month to 2500 contacts

43 € / month

30 € / month

98 € / month

53 € / month

1 email/month to 5000 contacts

43 € / month

53 € / month

98 € / month

81 € / month

1 email/month to 10000 contacts

43 € / month

78 € / month

98 € / month

104 € / month

1 email/month to 25000 contacts

43 € / month

203 € / month

98 € / month

234 € / month

1 email/month to 50000 contacts

43 € / month

270 € / month

98 € / month

325 € / month

1 email/month to 100000 contacts

43 € / month

not available for databases with over 50 thousand contacts

98 € / month

548 € / month

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MailUp vs Mailchimp: Email Marketing

Compare an Email Marketing platform like MailUp, which has with zero limits on the number of mailings, and a solution like Mailchimp, that makes you pay more for every new contact you add.

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Standard Plan of Mailchimp



the more emails sent the more you pay

Different mailing lists can be created in a single platform, each with an autonomous management system, with its own recipients, unsubscribe possibilities, preferences and types of communication.






Sending speed

2,000 emails/hour

not specified

Personalized domain
A personalized domain brings the platform in line with your brand identity, eliminating all references to MailUp from tracked links, unsubscribe links, from the access page to the platform.

Fee-based and limited

Transactional emails
Transactional emails are messages that arrive to a single recipient automatically after an action. These include invoice emails, password reset, order confirmation, welcome, shipping confirmation and so on. With MailUp you can set the conditions that automatically trigger the sending of a transactional message, saving time and effort and optimizing the user experience.


A/B test
A/B tests allow you to verify the effectiveness of an element of an email campaign, such as the subject, the title or a call to action button. Sending the same email, with two different variations of the element you want to test to a defined sample of recipients you can determine which version had the best performance.

Fee-based and limited

Email check-up
Analysis of the correctness and reputation of the links in the message and any errors in the email before sending.
Email previews
Previews allow you to view how the message will be shown on different devices and mail clients before sending the email and decide to hide an element of the message from mobile or desktop to improve yield.

up to 76 previews

Conditional display
The message personalization feature allows you to set filters on the blocks of email content while it is being created. That way, each user displays different content depending on specific conditions (e.g. display images of products for men or women based on the data in the user’s personal data).

HTML editor for custom templates

Customizable branding
Ability to remove all references to mail ups and add logos and login pages customized and style of your brand.
Dedicated Deliverability Consulting
A team of experts at your service, ready to analyze the problems that cause errors in message delivery and improve the reputation of your sender domain to increase campaign performance.


MailUp vs Mailchimp: SMS Marketing

Not only Email Marketing: with MailUp you can also send SMS Marketing campaigns. All with one platform.

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Standard Plan of Mailchimp

SMS Marketing


only via plugin

Inbound SMS


Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS are text messages that are automatically sent to the user who has taken a certain action. They are for example SMS as appointment reminders, confirmation of credentials, invoice and order confirmation. With MailUp you can set the conditions that automatically trigger the sending of this type of SMS, saving time and effort and optimizing the user experience.


Concatenated SMS


Advanced SMS reports

Custom sender
Possibility to replace the sender’s phone number with a personalized name like the company's and make it recognizable to the recipient.
Gestione Alias automatica
Secondo l’attuale regolamentazione dell’Autorità Garante delle Comunicazioni (AGCOM), tutti i mittenti testuali (Alias), per essere utilizzati verso destinatari italiani, devono essere richiesti e approvati da AGCOM. La registrazione di un Alias può essere richiesta solo attraverso piattaforme di invio professionali e certificate, come quella di MailUp.

MailUp is an ideal Email Marketing software for small and large companies.
Four different editions to choose from and optional features to add to each plan make MailUp a flexible and customizable solution, suitable for every need and budget.
Mailchimp plans, on the other hand, have higher costs depending on the number of contacts.

trustpilot mailup

4,4/5 on Capterra

8.7 out of 10 users recommend MailUp, with a rating of 4.7 points out of 5 for customer service

trustpilot mailup

4,3/5 on Trustpilot

against the 1.5 rating obtained by Mailchimp, judged “Very bad” by 74% of reviewers

trustpilot mailup

4,4/5 on GetApp

97% of users recommend MailUp and judge the platform positively

Reporting: MailUp vs Mailchimp

Both MailUp and Mailchimp have a Statistics Area that monitors the results of your campaigns in real time. With MailUp however you have much more than that, at no extra cost:

    Comparative report

    Compare multiple reports to get a 360-degree view of all your marketing campaigns

    Icon Monitoraggio costante MailUp
    Aggregate reports

    Customize your reports and incorporate statistics related to different submissions in a single document

    report engadgment
    Engagement report

    Analyze your target engagement levels to set up reactivation campaigns

reportistica mailup 1
MailUp vs Mailchimp: templates

Both MailUp and Mailchimp have automatically integrated BEE Flexible Editor, a high performance drag & drop editor making all the emails you send automatically responsive.
But with MailUp you have up to 200 ready-made templates and the optional support of a team of professional designers at your service to have a completely customized reusable template.
In addition to BEE, MailUp provides another way to create your emails.
With the HTML editor you can create even more customized templates, able to perfectly replicate the style of your brand.

template mailup vs mailchimp
Which is more intuitive: MailUp or Mailchimp?

MailUp is a local product, with an English interface that facilitates navigation and makes it easy to understand even the most advanced features.
All this is not possible with Mailchimp: the English interface increases the difficulty of use and the risk of making mistakes.

"Linear and intuitive"

It does exactly what is needy and very often provides features you wouldn’t have imagined while remaining easy to use and very straightforward and intuitive to use.


"Agile and easy to use"

Agile and easy to use platform even for non-professionals.
We send newsletters by groups and use both the graphic models present and layouts we built.
Convenient statistics to verify contact details and openings.


“Excellent User Experience”

I’ve been using MailUp for years and I’m completely satisfied: excellent user experience, speed and compatibility with different browsers.
Designed to be extremely easy to use even for novice users.

MailUp is at your side in data protection

Are your contacts in the European Union? MailUp’s infrastructure and security policies are regularly audited and evaluated to ensure they meet the highest standards of data protection compliance. MailUp is at its customers’ side in data and privacy protection in accordance with current legislation and the GDPR, providing the tools needed to comply with the new regulation in a simple and linear way.

data center
Data center in Europe

MailUp relies on a physical data center located in Europe and accessible by our staff both physically via biometric control and a virtual private network.

data loss prevention
Data Loss Prevention

We have organizational and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access and loss of sensitive data, ensuring adequate security for all authorized access.

threat protection
Threat Protection

We use advanced virus detection and anti-phishing analysis tools. We regularly check the security of our servers and have a precise antispam policy.

test vulnerabilita
Vulnerability testing

MailUp performs cyclical vulnerability tests on infrastructure systems and connected clients, as well as penetration tests on servers to verify their effective security.

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