MailUp vs Sendinblue

Which is better MailUp or Sendinblue?
With MailUp you have unlimited mailings, while with Sendinblue you don’t exceed a maximum limit of emails per month.

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MailUp vs Sendinblue: Characteristics

Sendinblue may seem cheaper, but do you really believe it has the best value for money? MailUp offers a constant support and no limit on the number of mailings. None of this can be found in Sendinblue. Compare the mid-level edition and budget of the two companies:

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Lite Plan by Sendinblue



the more sent the more you pay





free and unlimited


Messaging Apps

up to 50 subscribers

Triggered messages

Advanced segmentation
Segmentation means distinguishing, within a database, clusters of different contacts, which provides precise targets to send tailored campaigns. Different criteria - biographical, geographical, and behavioral - can be used to create these clusters. MailUp provides 3 tools that allow you to create advanced database segment: lists, groups and filters.

Drag & Drop editor

Landing page editor

Pop-up multichannel form
Multi-channel forms are modules to collect new contacts and request subscription to different channels (Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and Telegram) in a single pop-up.

Advanced statistical reports

API integrations
APIs are procedures that allow two applications to digitalize and exchange data. APIs, like integrations, allow you to expand platform functionality and synchronize it with external databases, CRM, CMS, e-commerce and any other external application.

Free support

Telephone support

Services and Consulting


MailUp vs Sendinblue: price and packages comparison

With MailUp you pay only according to sending speed: neither number of sends nor the number of mailings affect the final price. Compare the monthly price of the two platforms, with the same number of mailings and contacts. (Prices Sendinblue as of 01/03/2022 from

Available items Starter Edition of MailUp Lite Plan by Sendinblue Plus Edition of MailUp Premium Plan by Sendinblue

20,000 emails/month





40,000 emails/month





60,000 emails/month





100,000 emails/month





150,000 emails/month


not available over 100k email/month



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MailUp vs Sendinblue: Email Marketing

Compare an Email Marketing platform such as MailUp that only charges you based on sending speed, and one that provides a solution with limited email submissions such as Sendinblue, which increases costs based on the sending volumes.

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Lite Plan by Sendinblue



Up to 100,000

Sending speed

2,000 emails/hour

Not specified

Personalized domain
A personalized domain brings the platform in line with your brand identity, eliminating all references to MailUp from tracked links, unsubscribe links, from the access page to the platform.


Multi-user access



up to 100,000 emails

Transactional emails
Transactional emails are messages that arrive to a single recipient automatically after an action. These include invoice emails, password reset, order confirmation, welcome, shipping confirmation and so on. With MailUp you can set the conditions that automatically trigger the sending of a transactional message, saving time and effort and optimizing the user experience.
A/B test
A/B tests allow you to verify the effectiveness of an element of an email campaign, such as the subject, the title or a call to action button. Sending the same email, with two different variations of the element you want to test to a defined sample of recipients you can determine which version had the best performance.
Previews in inbox
Previews allow you to view how the message will be shown on different devices and mail clients before sending the email and decide to hide an element of the message from mobile or desktop to improve yield.

Advanced customization tools

HTML editor for custom templates

Responsive email template library
Email templates ready and already optimized to be displayed correctly on mobile devices
MailUp vs Sendinblue: SMS Marketing

Not only Email Marketing: MailUp also sends SMS Marketing campaigns with a single platform, without the limits of functionality and performance of Sendinblue.

Features available Plus Edition of MailUp Lite Plan by Sendinblue

Inbound SMS



Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS are text messages that are automatically sent to the user who has taken a certain action. They are for example SMS as appointment reminders, confirmation of credentials, invoice and order confirmation. With MailUp you can set the conditions that automatically trigger the sending of this type of SMS, saving time and effort and optimizing the user experience.



Concatenated SMS

Advanced SMS reports

Custom sender
Possibility to replace the sender’s phone number with a personalized name like the company's and make it recognizable to the recipient.

Sending speed

Up to 200 SMS/second

not specified


MailUp is an ideal Email Marketing software for small and large companies.
Four editions to choose from and optional features to add to each plan make MailUp a flexible and customizable solution, suitable for every need and budget.

Sendinblue plans have a limit on the number of mailings per month.
That solution becomes expensive both for companies that want to expand their business, and large businesses with sizeable databases.

trustpilot mailup

4,4/5 on Capterra

8.7 out of 10 users recommend MailUp, with a rating of 4.7 points out of 5 for customer service

trustpilot mailup

4,3/5 on Trustpilot

against the 1.5 rating obtained by Mailchimp, judged “Very bad” by 74% of reviewers

trustpilot mailup

4,4/5 on GetApp

97% of users recommend MailUp and judge the platform positively

Reporting: MailUp vs. Sendinblue

Both MailUp and Sendinblue have a Statistics Area that monitors the results of your campaigns in real time. With MailUp, however, you have even more advanced Statistics, that Sendinblue doesn’t provide:

    Advanced aperture and click statistics

    Open and click rates on individual messages, individual recipients, or the entire campaign.

    Configurazioni Domini Cliente
    Geolocation and statistics per device

    Find out where they are from and what devices your email recipients use.

    Global Earth International

    A map to identify which elements of the message your contacts click on the most.

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MailUp vs Sendinblue: templates

Both MailUp and Sendinblue have integrated drag & drop editors that automatically make all your emails responsive and an HTML editor to further customize your submissions.
Both platforms also provide a library of free ready-made templates, already optimized for any device.
With MailUp, however, you have an extra editor to create and customize your landing pages and the optional support of a team of professional designers ready to meet your every request.

template mailup sendingblue
Which is more intuitive: MailUp or Sendinblue?

MailUp has a simple interface that facilitates navigation and constant assistance via email and phone, to help you make the most of the platform.


I liked the fact that it is in English and quite intuitive. However what intuition does not reach MailUp’s support service responds promptly.


"Easy, fast and useful"

MailUp is an easy and intuitive tool that allows you to import and manage contacts in an optimal way, even without the graphic bases, and allows you to create professional newsletters.


"Easy and intuitive"

Easy to use and very intuitive. It helped me reduce the time to personally design and manage the content of my monthly email. It also provides supports in the use of SMS and messaging apps.

Customer support: free MailUp support in English

A twenty-year expertise make MailUp a point of reference for all companies: from those looking for professional support for their first steps in the digital world to those who need a platform with high performance and totally customized offer. Thanks to its constant and efficient customer support, MailUp is the right partner to grow your business.

Icon Strumenti per lesercizio dei diritti degli interessati e per la profilazione MailUp

The constant support of the Customer Care team is one of the most appreciated aspects by MailUp customers.

Icon Strumenti per lesercizio dei diritti degli interessati e per la profilazione MailUp
Priority support

For immediate problem resolution there our professionals’ priority assistance.

Icon Strumenti per lesercizio dei diritti degli interessati e per la profilazione MailUp
Education and training

Webinars, masterclasses, tutorials and courses: with MailUp you have a world of resources at your command.

Icon Strumenti per lesercizio dei diritti degli interessati e per la profilazione MailUp
Tailored advice

Professionals ready to help you achieve your goals and maximize your results.

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