Send significant campaigns

The right message to the right recipient, segmenting your contacts. For campaigns that are not only liked, but also looked forward to.

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Profile filter

Track the identikit of your contacts

Track the identikit of your contacts You have up to 39 fields to segment your database and set a recipient filter based on your recipient’s age, gender, profession, and interests.

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Geographic filter

Localize offers and promotions

Why send the entire database a campaign related to a single city? With a geographic filter, in just a few clicks you can send messages only to contacts in that area.

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Activity filter

Nurture communication

Want to send only to those who have opened the message or clicked on the link? With the activity filter, you can orient new messages based on the results of previous ones. For consistent and effective follow-up campaigns.

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Device filter

Intelligent sending by device

A filter for choosing your campaign’s recipients based on their device and operating system: PC or mobile, iOS or Android.

A rich and detailed database

    Icon Moduli di autoprofilazione MailUp

    Autoprofiling forms

    Successful campaigns are those that meet the interests and needs of the recipients. With drag & drop editor, you can create an autoprofiling form to request new and updated information from your contacts.

    Icon Centro Preferenza MailUp

    Preference center

    You can easily configure a control panel where your contacts can complete and update their profile, independently and at any time: personal information, newsletter subscriptions, and sending frequencies.

Un database ricco e dettagliato MailUp
Create different tailor-made campaigns

Engage your recipients with dynamic content based on interests, activities, and demographic information. An advanced marketing tool to deliver diversified and personalized offers. In a word, relevant.

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Improve performance, sending after sending

Consult the openings and clicks for each recipient, geographic reports, and per device reports. The analysis of the results is the starting point to send more and more effective and detail-profiled campaigns.

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