A world of integrations

Our APIs give you the option to connect and synchronize the platform with external databases, CRM, CMS, e-commerce and any other external application.

Hero API Un mondo di integrazioni MailUp

Bespoke consulting for each integration

Whatever system you have, we can integrate it in MailUp. We offer and configure all the tools you need to achieve perfect synchronization.

Icon Analizziamo le tue necessita per individuare lintegrazione migliore per la tua applicazione MailUp

We analyze your needs to find the best possible integration for your application.

Icon Ti guidiamo e supportiamo nella fase di creazione delle credenziali API MailUp

We guide and support you through the process of setting up API credentials.

Icon Configuriamo i Data Sync per una sincronizzazione bidirezionale tra la piattaforma e il tuo sistema MailUp

We configure the Data Sync for a two-way synchronization between the platform and your system.

Icon Ti accompagniamo nella scelta corretta di web service API HTTP GET e POST da utilizzare per lintegrazione MailUp

We guide you through making the right choice of web services, API, HTTP GET and POST to use for the integration.

Develop and share with a dedicated platform

Experiment with new implementations between MailUp and your company’s systems. You can publish them and make them available to our community, or put them on sale.

Sviluppa e condividi con una piattaforma dedicata MailUp
Collect new leads from your site

With the MailUp plugin for WordPress you can create customisable registration forms to insert on your site to transform visitors into new subscribers. The collected addresses will be automatically synchronised with your MailUp platform and included in your mailing lists.

Sincronizza i tuoi moduli di iscrizione MailUp
Open, flexible and personalized: it's MailUp

External databases, CRM, CMS, ERP, e-commerce and Business Intelligence systems. Integrate your system with the MailUp platform quickly and easily.

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The ideal solution for integrated e-commerce

Easily connect your platform with Magento 2, Drupal Commerce, 4-Tell. Integrate MailUp with your online shop and maximise the performance of your e-commerce.

    Profile your customers

    Take advantage of the segmentation tools of your Magento ecommerce or your Salesforce CRM.

    Synchronise your data

    Transmit the data obtained from Magento, Salesforce or other external systems to the MailUp platform.

    Send with the guarantees of MailUp

    Take advantage of the sending performance and security of the MailUp infrastructure for your campaigns.

    Increase your sales

    With the platform’s marketing automation features to build customer loyalty.

hero_la_soluzione ideale_per_le commerce_integrato_mailup
All the potential of MailUp