A flexible, multilingual and customizable platform

With MailUp, you have a simple interface available in multiple languages, as well as granular management of administrators and a reliable infrastructure, allowing you to achieve the very best web performance.

Hero Una piattaforma per lemail marketing flessibile multilingua e personalizzabile MailUp

One platform, endless possibilities

With granular permissions, you can organize your workflow by setting up multiple administrators and assigning each of them different channels and features on the platform.

    Icon Amministratori aggiuntivi MailUp

    Additional administrators

    At any time, you can set up new, independent platform users with different abilities.

    Icon Accessi simultanei MailUp

    Simultaneous access

    The platform lets hundreds of administrators gain simultaneous access.

    Icon Piattaforma con gestione permessi MailUp

    Managing permissions

    You can grant or restrict access to various work areas, channels (email, SMS, social media) and features.

    Icon Assegnazione crediti SMS MailUp

    Assigning SMS credits

    As needed, you can share SMS credits among the various administrators of your platform.

Tante risorse in ununica piattaforma di Email Marketing MailUp

MailUp speaks seven languages

For your platform you can choose from Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Danish and Japanese. Technical support? Full support in the first three languages.

MailUp parla sette lingue MailUp
Align your brand

Add logos, customize your login page and remove any reference to MailUp from emails, from the administration platform and from all related links.

    Icon Personalizza il dominio
    Customise the domain

    Make your brand recognisable in the pages you create and in the emails you send.

    Icon Elimina i riferimenti a MailUp
    Remove references to MailUp

    From URLs, tracked links, self-profiling forms and landing pages.

    Icon Allinea la piattaforma al tuo brand
    Align the platform to your brand

    Add your company logo and retouch the background, menu, header and more.

Allineata al tuo brand MailUp
All the potential of MailUp
Worldwide content acceleration

Achieve the best web performance and ensure that your campaigns’ content can be displayed quickly, anywhere in the world.

    Icon Reduced Answer Time MailUp

    Achieve the best web performance and ensure that your campaigns’ content can be displayed quickly, anywhere in the world.

    Icon Fast Content Visualization MailUp

    Content is displayed faster, regardless of the recipient’s geographical location.

    Icon Server and Mail Client Interaction MailUp

    Optimized interaction between the e-mail client and server for high performance.

Worldwide content acceleration MailUp